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Japanese Kanji 8

Japanese Kanji Kodansha 8-day

attach, fasten, put (one thing on another) tsukeru 付ける Ichidan verb, Transitive verb, ru-verb to turn on (light)​See also 点ける attach to the skin of ~の皮膚に付着する 単語帳 attach to the skin surface 皮膚表面に接着する
add on, append tsuketasu 付け足す Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb, u-verb 付け足すものがない have nothing to add 単語帳 ~に付け足すものがある have something to add to 単語帳 ~に付け足すものがない have nothing to add to 単語帳 ~に否定的な意味を付け足す attach a negative meaning to 単語帳 ~に肯定的な意味を付け足す attach a positive meaning to
acquire knowledge, learn minitsukeru 身に付ける Expression, Ichidan verb, ru-verb ~する方法を身に付けるのに時間がかかる take a while to learn how to ~する能力を身に付ける acquire ability to master the ability to ~する方法を身に付ける learn how to (houhou) ぺらぺら日本語をさhべる方法を身に着ける りゅうちょう 流暢 common word Links Na-adjective, Noun 1. fluent (in a language); flowing​ fluently 副 流ちょうに、スラスラ(と)、ペラペラ(と)、流れるように ・She can speak French fluently. : 彼女はフランス語がスラスラ話せる。speak fluently in Spanish 流ちょうにスペイン語で話す 単語帳 talk fluently ペラペラしゃべる、流ちょうに[スラスラと・よどみなく]話す 単語帳 speak English fluently 英語を流ちょうに話す、英語がペラペラだ
attach, to be attached to, hand over
reliance; trust; faith; confidence​, trust, credit shinyou 信用 Noun, Suru verb
believe, trust, message, signal
faith, belief, piety, faith; belief; piety; devotion; godliness​ shinjin 信心 Noun, suru verb
joining the faith nyuushin 入信 Noun, Suru verb
distrust, discredit fushin 不信 Noun
1. to believe; to believe in; to place trust in; to confide in; to have faith in shinjiru=shinzuru 信じる Ichidan verb - zuru verb (alternative form of -jiru verbs), Transitive verb, ru-verb
body, form karada
body physical system person shintai=karada 身体
human body jintai 人体 Noun
outline, generally, roughly, on the whole daitai 大体 Adverbial noun, Temporal noun
inside the body karada no naka 体の中
one's true shape, consciousness, true character; true form; true colors (colours); identity; truth (of a mystery, phenomenon, etc.); origin​ 2. consciousness; one's senses​ shoutai 正体 Noun
rest, suspend
holiday; day off​ kyuujitsu 休日 Noun
regular holiday; fixed day off; regular closing day​ teikyuubi 定休日 Noun
pause cessation rest kyuushi 休止
rest; recess; respite​ holiday yasumi 休み
body, one's person, social position
mind and body shinshin 心身 Noun, No-adjective
one's place of origin shusshin 出身 Noun, No-adjective
one's career, one's fortune, one's station in life; one's personal history; one's circumstances​, one's lot; one's destiny; one's future​ mi no ue 身の上
one's personal belongings; one's vicinity; one's daily life; everyday necessities​, one's personal circle mi no mawari 身の回り Noun
humble position​ shoushin 小身 Noun
life story; personal narrative; story of one's life​ mi no ue banashi 身の上話 Noun
ear mimi
eyes and ears, one's attention jimoku 耳目
inner ear, middle ear chuuji 中耳
ear pick, ear swab mimikaki 耳かき
earlobe mimitabu 耳たぶ
again, also, or, in other words
see you tomorrow mata ashita 又明日
another day mata no hi 又の日
or, in other words, otherwise mata wa 又は
drawing water from river or lake; water intake​ shusui 取水 Noun, suru verb
to take in, to harvest, to reap, accept, adopt toriireru 取り入れる Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
take, pick up, confiscate, deliver (a baby), accept, listen to, adopt (a proposal) toriageru 取り上げる Ichidan verb, Transitive verb
to take out, get out, pick up toridasu 取り出す Godan verb with su ending, Transitive verb
schedule, fixed appointed day hidori 日取り
postscript, additional remarks fugen 付言 Noun, Suru verb
attach to, adhere to, be connected with;, associate with, take root, reach, cost, gain power, grow, amount to, take, gain weight, stick to, gain, belong to, come, stick, touch, attend on, become proficient, join, catch fire, attend, take up the cause .. tsuku 付く Godan verb with ku ending, intransitive verb, u-verb
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