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Mental Health

Akathsia Restlessness; an urgent need for movement
Akinesia Muscular weakness; loss or partial loss of muscle movement
Aphasia Inability to communicate through speech
Apraxia Inability to carry out motor activities despite intact motor function
Ataxia Muscular incoordination
Dystonia Involuntary muscular movements (spasms) of the face, arms, legs and neck
Echolia Parrot-like repetition, by an individual with loose ego boundaries, of words spoken by another
Echopraxia Imitation of another person's movements in an attempt to identify with that person
Neologism New words that an individual invents that are meaningless to others, but have symbolic meaning to the psychotic person
Preservation Persistent repetition of the same work or idea in response to different questions
Somatization A method of coping with psychosocial stress by developing physical symptoms
Veracity An ethical principle that refers to one's duty to always be truthful
Word Salad A group of words that are put together in a random fashion without any logical connection
Confabulation Creating imaginary events to fill memory gaps
Tardive Dyskinesia A condition characterized by repetitive, involuntary movement, particularly of the face, such as, blinking, rolling tongue, lip smacking, and worm like motions of the tongue
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