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Domain 1 - Security and Risk Management

Acronym meaning: CIA Confidentiality, Integrity, & Availability (Careful not to fall for the AIC trick as its sometimes referred to)
Acronym meaning: IAAA Identification, Authentication, Authorization, & Accountability
Insures reliability and timely access to data and resources to authorized individuals. Availability
Upheld when the assurance of the accuracy and reliability of information systems is provided and any unauthorized modification is prevented. Integrity
Ensures that the necessary level of secrecy is enforced at each junction of data processing and prevents unauthorized disclosure. Confidentiality
All of the following provide? Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), Clustering, Load Balancing, Redundant data & power lines, Software & data backups, Disk shadowing, Co-location & offsite facilities, Rollback functions, & Failover configs. Availability
All of the following provide? Hashing (data integrity), Configuration MGMT (System Integrity), Change control (Process Integrity), Access Control (Physical & Technical), Software Digital Signing, & Xmission CRC functions Integrity
All of the following provide? Encryption for DAR (Whole disk & DB), Encryption for DIT (IPSec, TLS, PPTP, SSH), & Access Control (Physical & Technical) Confidentiality
A weakness in a system that allows a threat source to compromise its security? Vulnerability
Any potential danger that is associated with the exploitation of a vulnerability? Threat
If the threat is that someone will identify a specific vulnerability and use it against the company or individual, then the entity that takes advantage of a vulnerability is referred to as? Threat Agent
The likelihood of a threat source exploiting a vulnerability and the corresponding business impact is referred to as? Risk
An instance of being exposed to losses is? Exposure
These are put in place to mitigate (reduce) the potential risk? Control, Countermeasure, or Safeguard (These terms are interchangeable)
A threat agent gives rise to? Threat
A threat exploits? Vulnerability
Vulnerability leads to? Risk
Risk can damage an? Asset
Asset damage can cause an? Exposure
An exposure can be counter measured by a? Safeguard
What are the three (3) control types? Administrative, Technical, & Physical
Created by: towilliamsjr
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