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Medical Terminology

Class material for Med Term and Common Abbreviations

-algia, -algesia pain, painful condition
-ectomy surgical removal, cutting out, excision
-itis inflammation
-osis condition of
-ostomy the surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface
-otomy cutting, surgical incision
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhage, rrhagia bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-sclerosis abnormal hardening
dys- bad, difficult, or painful
hyper- excessive, increased
hypo- deficient, decreased
poly- many, multiple
A- , An- without, none
Ambi- on both sides
Anti- against
Auto- self
Bi- two, both, double
Brady- slow
Circum- around, encircling
Contra- against
Endo- within
Epi- upon, over, above
Ex- out, out of
Hemi- half
Hetero- opposite, different
Homo- same, similar
Hydro- fluid, water
Mal- ill, bad
Re- back, again
Inter- between
Intra- within
Retro- behind, backword
Sub- under, below,
Super- above, below, beneath
Supra- above, on the top side
Tachy- fast
Trans- across
Tri- three
Quad- four
-cele herniation, swelling
-centesis to puncture/tap to draw fluid
-cide killing, agent that kills
-cyte cell
-desis surgical fixation, fusion
-emia blood condition
-ism condition, disease
-ist specialist
-logist one who studies, specialist
-logia. logy the study of
-lysis destruction, break down
-megaly enlarged
-oma tumor, mass
-opia, -opsia vision
-pathy disease
-pexy fixation
-plasm growth/formation
-porosis porous, decrease in density
-ptosis drooping, prolapsed
-ptysis spitting, spit up
-rrhea flow, discharge
-rrhexis ruture
-sect to cut
-spasm twitching, involuntary contraction
-stomy forming a new opening
-tome instrument for cutting
-tomy incision into, cut into
-puncture to pierce a surface
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-ia pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ical pertaining to
-ium pertaining to
-ous pertaining to
-tic pertaining to
-us pertaining to
-assay examine, analyze
-gram written record, recording
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-manometer instrument for measuring pressure
-meter instrument for measuring
-metery process of measuring
-opsy to view
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy process of examining, examination
Alb/o, Albin/o, Leuk/o white
Chlor/o green
Cirrh/o orange, yellow
Cyan/o blue
Eosin/o, Erythr/o, Rhod/o, Rose/o, Rubr/i/o red, rosy
Flav/o, Jaund/o, Lute/o, Xanth/o yellow
Fusc/o dark brown
Poli/o, Tephr/o gray, ashen
Purpur/i purple
Medial, Medi/o midline, towards the center
Lateral, Later/o towards the side, away from the midline
Superio, Super/o above, over
Inferior, Infer/o below, under
Proximal, Proxim/o near, closet to the body
Distal, Dist/o away from, farthest from the body
Cranial, Crani/o toward the head
Caudal, Caud/o toward the back or tail
Dorsal, Dors/o near upper surface, back
Ventral, Ver/o toward the bottom, front
Posterior, Poster/o back, behind, after, toward the rear
Anterior, Anter/o front, in front of
Agglutin/o clumping
Amyl/o starch
Angi/o blood/lymph vessels
Arteri/o artery
Bas/o, Basi/o base, foundation
Coagul/o coagulation
Ferr/i, Ferr/o iron
Granul/o granules
Haem/a, Hem/o, Hemat/o blood
Kal/i potassium
Myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
Natr/o sodium
Neutr/o neutral
Norm/o normal, usual
Phleb/o vein
Phosphat/o phosphate
Pykn/o, Pycn/o thick, dense
Sangu/i, Sanguin/o blood
Sapr/o rotten, decay
Schist/o split, cleft
Ser/o serum, serous
Spher/o round, sphere
Strept/o twisted, curved
Thromb/o clot, thrombus
Vas/o, vascul/o blood vessel
Ven/o vein
Cardium the heart
Cardi/o heart
Angi/o vessel
Aort/o aorta
Arteri/o artery
Arther/o fatty substance, plaque
Artri/o atrium
Coron/o heart
Embol/o embolus, clot
Isch/o supress, restraint
Mi/o less , smaller
My/o muscle
Palpit/o, Palpitat/o flutter, throbbing
Rhe/o flow, current, stream
Sphygm/o pulse
Tel/o distant, far, end
Valv/o Valvul/o valve
Varic/o enlarged & twisted
Vas/o, Vascul/o vessel
Ven/o vein
Ventricl/o ventricule
Venul/o venule
Acr/o extremities
Aden/o gland
Adren/o adrenal glands
Cortic/o cortex
Crin/o secrete
Gluc/o, glyc/o glucose, sugar
Hirsut/o hairy
Hormon/o hormone
Hidr/o sweat
Sali/o saliva
Thym/o thymus gland
Thyr/o, Thyroid/o thyroid gland
Tox/o, Toxic/o poison, toxins
Troph/o growth, nourishment
Abdomin/o abdomen
Amyl/o starch
An/o anus
Bil/i bile
Bucc/o cheek
Celi/o abdomen
Chol/e gall, bile
Gingiv/o gums
Gloss/o tongue
Hepat/o liver
Ile/o ileum
Jejun/o jejunum
Lapar/o abdominal wall
Lingu/a tongue
Odont/o tooth
Or/o mouth
Palat/o palate
Peps/o digestion
Peritone/o peritoneum
Phag/o eating, ingestion
Proct/o rectum, anus
Pyr/o heat, fever, fire
Rect/o rectum
Stomat/o mouth
Acanth/o thorny, spiny
Brom/o odor
Caus/o, Cauter/o burn
Chrom/o color
Cutane/o skin
Derm/o, dermat/o skin, covering
Sud/o sweat
Lepid/o flakes, scales
Lepr/o leprosy
Onych/o, Ungu/o nail
Papul/o papule, pimple
Pil/o, Trich/o hair
Prurit/o, Psor/o itching
Py/o pus
Seb/o sebum
Steat/o fat
Ul/o scar, scarring
Verruc/i wart
Xer/o dry
Adenoid/o adenoids
Axill/o armpit
Immun/o protection, immune
Lien/o spleen
Lymph/o lymph
Lymphaden/o lymph nodes
Septic/o the immune response to a severe infection, putrefaction
Splen/o spleen
Tetan/o tetanus
Tonsill/o tonsils
Top/o particular place or area
Vaccin/o vaccine
Ankyl/o stiff, crooked, bent
Arthr/o, Articul/o joint
Asthen/o weakness
Brachi/o arm
Burs/a bursa
Calcane/o heel
Carp/o wrist
Cheir/o, Chir/o hand
Chondr/o cartilage
Fasci/o fascia, connective tissue
Femor/o femur
Fibr/o fiber, fibrous
Fibul/o fibula, small calf bone
Flect/o, Flex/o bend
Humer/o humerus, upper arm bone
Ili/o ilium, bone in pelvis
Ischi/o ischium, lower back hip bone
Kinesi/o movement
Lamin/o lamina, plate or layer
Lei/o smooth
Ligament/o ligament
Lumb/o lower back, loin
Mel/o limb, limbs
Muscul/o, my/o, myos/o muscle
Om/o shoulder
Oste/o bone
Patell/o patella, knee cap
Ped/o, Pod/o foot
Pelv/i pelvis
Perone/o fibula, small calf bone
Phalang/o phalanges, finger/toe bones
Pyg/o buttock
Rhabdomy/o skeletal muscle
Rot/o, Rotat/o turn, rotate, revolve
Sacr/o sacrum
Scapul/o scapula, shoulder blade
Ten/o, Tend/o, Tenont/o tendon
Ton/o tone, tension
Scoli/o crooked, twisted
Skelet/o skeleton
Spin/o spinal cord, spine
Spondyl/o vertebrae, spinal cord
Stern/o sternum
Synov/o synovia, joint fluid membrane
Tibi/o tibia, large calf bone
Vertebr/o vertebra
Atel/0 incomplete, imperfect
Cerebell/o cerebellum
Cerebr/o cerebrum, brain
Drom/o running
Enchephal/o brain
Esthesi/o sensation, feeling
Hydr/o water, hydrogen
Mening/o meninges, membranes
Ment/o mind
Myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
Narc/o numbness, stupor
Neur/o nerve
Phob/o fear, aversion
Pleg/o paralyzed
Psych/o mind
Radicul/o nerve root
Rhiz/o root
Schiz/o split, division
Somn/i sleep
Syring/o tube, fistula
Tax/o coordination
Tel/o end
Thanat/o death
Thec/o sheath
Vag/o vagus nerve
Amni/o sac around the embryo
Cervic/o neck of the uterus, cervix
Colp/o, vagin/o vagina
Embry/o embryo, fetus
Episi/o, vulv/o vulva
Fet/o fetus
galact/o, lact/o milk
Gravid/o pregnancy
Gynec/o woman
Hyster/o, uter/o uterus
Mamm/o mammary glands in breast
Mast/o breast
Men/o menses, menstruation
Nat/o birth
O/o, Ov/i, Ov/o egg, ovum
Obstetr/o midwife
Oophor/o, ovari/o ovary
Perine/o perineum
Sacchar/o sugar
salping/o fallopian tubes
Thel/o nipple
Toc/o childbirth, labor
Tub/o tube
Viv/i life, alive