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HA Shopping

english, vietnamese, pinyin, trad & sim Chinese

EnglishVietnamese/ literal meaningPinyinsim Chine
buy mãi mǎi
quality phẩm chất pǐn zhì 品质 品質
boss lǎo bǎn 老板 老闆
cash hiện kim xiàn jīn 现金 現金
credit tín dụng xìn yòng 信用 -
sell mại mài
sell; make/ carry out (plan) thụ: bán, thi hành shòu -
pay; hand over phó -
how much money duō shao qián 多少钱 多少錢
is it OK? shì ma?
well, fine! ha3o ba!
to give a discount dǎ zhé 打折
40% off tính 6/ 10 dǎ lìu zhé
50% off; fold in two duì zhé
how much discount? dǎ jǐ zhé
calculate tính suàn -
I make it $10 for you suan ni $10
make it a little cheaper suan pian yi (yi) dian
expensive quý guì
return/ give change zhǎo -
I want the best quality Wǒ xiǎng yào zuì hǎo de zhìliàng wo yao pin zhi zui hao de 我想要最好的质量
I want better quality wo yao pin zhi hao yi dian de -
I want bigger one wo yao da yi dian de 便宜 -
can I pay by card? (swipe card) ke yi shua ka ma?
can I pay by card? ke yi wo fu xin yong ka ma?
I've paid wo fu le
pay seperately gè fù gè de
I treat you Wǒ qǐng nǐ
why so expensive? wei shen me zhe me gui?
thing, goods đông tây; đồ vật dōng xi 东西 東西
to receive, to accept thụ shòu -
cheap tiện nghi pián yi 便宜 -
do you think this is expensive? ni jue de zhe ge gui bu gui/ gui ma?
do you like XYZ? ni xi huan XYZ ma?
do you have XYZ? ni you XYZ ma?
no need/not necessary Bú yòng 不用 x
Created by: haianh
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