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1st study guide-bio

First Semester Final 2019-2020

independent variable what i change
dependent variable data changed
constant stays the same throughout the whole experiment
control the original/no alterations or changes
3 purposes of scientific method organizing information, gathering information, communicating information
two qualities of a valdi hypothesis if it's testable, if it's an "if, then" statement
qualitative date data gathered with five senses
quantitative date numbered data
cell theory all organisms are made of cells, the cell is the basic unit of life, all cells come from preexisting cells
all living things are made up of _______ cells
three main parts of eukaryotic cell cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus
______ are vital to cells functioning correctly organelles
plasma/cell membrane protective outside layer (phospholipid bilayer)/controls what move in and out of cell
cytoplasm containing the organelles/the liquid of goo inside the cell
endoplasmic reticulum (ER) makes lipids and hormones (packages proteins;transportation)
golgi body processes and ships proteins out of the cell
nucleus control center/contains the DNA
nucleolus inside, begins building ribosomes
mitochondira provides energy by creating ATP (fuel)/powerhouse of the cell
ribosomes makes proteins
lysosomes digests large molecules to smaller pieces
centrioles helps with animal cell division
chloroplasts photosynthesis/contains chlorophyll (green pigment in plants)
vacules stores water and nutrients
cell wall provides support and structure to plants
eukaryotic cells have _____ in their nuclues DNA
cells that have specific functions or jobs are known as ______ specialized
unicellular single celled
multicellular many cells
prokaryotes no nucleus, no membrane-bound organelles; very simple; bacteria
eukaryotes membrane-bound organelles;complex;plants & animals & protists & fungi; humans
plant cell cell wall, chloroplasts, large vacuole, lysosomes (uncommon), rigid or fixed shape
animal cell centrioles, small or no vacuole, lysosomes (common), round irregular shape
bacteria cell cell membrane, ribosomes, cytoplasm, DNA, cell wall, prokaryotic
animal cell cell membrane, ribosomes, cytoplasm, mitochondria, nucleolus, nucleus, DNA, eukaryotic
plant cell cell membrane, ribosomes, cytoplasm, mitochondria, nucleolus, nucleus, DNA, cell wall, eukaryotic
Created by: jgiles17651



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