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blandin anatomy

anatomy final

cardio heart
angio, vaso vessel
hem, hema, hemato blood
vena, phlebo vein
arteria artery
lympho lymph
thrombo clot (of blood)
embolus moving clot
bucca cheek
os, stomato mouth
gingiva gum
glossa tounge
pharyngo pharynx
esophago esophagus
gastro stomach
hepato liver
cholecyst gallbladder
pancreas pancreas
entero intestines
duodeno duodenum
jejuno jejunum
ileo ileum
caeco cecum
appendeco appendix
colo colon
recto rectum
ano, procto anus
skeleto skeleton
naso, rhino nose
tonsillo tonsil
laryngo larynx
tracheo trachea
bronchus, broncho bronchus/ bronchi
pulmo, pneuma, pneum lung (sac with air)
neuro nerve
cerebrum brain
oculo, opthalmo eye
oto ear
psych, psycho mind
urethro urethra
cysto bladder
uretero ureter
reni, reno, nephro kidney
pyelo pelvis of kidney
uro urine
vulvo vulva
perineo perineum
labio labia
vagino, calpo vagina
cervico cervix
utero womb, uterus
tubo, salpingo fallopian tube
ovario, oophoro ovary
orchido testes
crani, cephalo head
cervico, cephalo head
thoraco chest
abdominio abdomen
dorsum back
cutis, dermato skin
lipo fat
musculo, myo muscle
osteo bone
myelo marrow
chondro cartilage
cyto cell
genetic formation/ origin
gram tracing/mark
graph writing/description
kinesis motion
meter measure
oligo small/few
phobia fear
photo light
pyo pus
scope instrument for visual examination
roentgen x-ray
lapar through abdominal wall; flank
a, an, ar without/not
ab away from
acro extremities
ad toward, to
adeno glandular
aero air
ambi around, on both sides
amyl starch
ante before, forward
anti against, counteracting
bi double
bili bile
bio life
bis two
brachio arm
brady slow
broncho bronchus/ bronchi
cardio heart
cervico neck
chole gall, bile
cholecysto gallbladder
circum around
co together
contra agaonst, opposite
costo ribs
cyto cell
cysto bladder
demi half
derma skin
dis from
dorso back
dys abnormal, difficult
electro electric
en into, in, within
encephal brain
entero intestines
equi equal
eryth red
ex out, out of, away from
extra outside of, in addition to
ferro iron
fibro fiber
gastro stomach
glosso tongue
glyco sugar
hemi half
hemo blood
hepa, hepato liver
histo tissue
homo same
hydro water
hygro moisture
hyper too much, high
hypo under, decreased
hyster uterus
ileo ileum
in in, within, into
inter between
intra within
justa near, close to
laryngo larynx
latero side
lapar abdomen
leuk white
macro large, big
mal bad, poor
mast breast
medio middle
mega, megalo large, great
meno menses
mono single
multi many
myelo marrow, spinal cord
myo muscle
neo new
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
nitro nitrogen
noct night
non not
ob against, in front of
ovulo eye
odonto tooth
opthalmo eye
ortho straight, normal
os mouth, bone
osteo bone
oto ear
pan all
para beside, accessory to
path disease
ped child, foot
per by, through
peri around
pharyngo pharynx
phlebo vein
photo light
phren diaphragm, mind
pneumo air, lungs
pod foot
poly many, much
post after
pre before
proct rectum
psuedo false
psych mind
pyel pelvis of kidney
pyo pus
pyro fever, heat
quadri four
radio radiation
re back, again
reno kidney
retro backward
rhin nose
sacro sacrum
salpingo fallopian tube
sarco flesh
sclero hard, hardening
semi half
sex six
skeleto skeleton
steno narrowing, constrict
sub under
super above, excess
supra above
syn together
tachy fast
thyro thyroid, gland
trache trachea
trans across, over
tri three
ultra beyond
un not, back, reversal
uni one
uretero ureter
urethro urethra
uro urine, urinary organs
vaso vessel
able able to
algia pain
cele tumor, swelling
centesis surgical puncture to removal fluid
cide killing, destructive
cule little
cyte cell
ectasia dilating, stretching
ectomy excision, removal of
emia blood
esis action
form shaped like
genesis, genetic formation, origin
gram tracing, mark
graph writing
ism condition
itis inflammation
ize to treat
lith stone, calculus
lithiasis presence of stones
lysis disintegration
megaly enlargement
meter instrument to measure
oid likeness, resembles
oma tumor
opathy disease of
orrhaphy surgical repair
osis disease, condition of
ostomy to form an opening or outlet
otomy to incise
pexy fixation
phage ingesting
phobia fear
plasty plastic surgery
plegia paralysis
rhage to burth forth
rhea excessive discharge
rhexis rupture
scope instrument for visual examination
scopy to examine visually
stomy to form an opening
tomy incision into
uria urine
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