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Genetics assement

punnet square, genetics, meiosis

lower case letters like t and r are what kind of trait recessive
upper case letters like T and R are what kind of trait dominant
a pair of genes are called what alleles
what gender will this offspring be XY male
what gender will this offspring be XX female
alleles that are both the same purebred are called what Homozygous
alleles that are different one dominant and recessive a hybrid are called what Heterozygous
genes that are being carried is the what genotype
physical features that can be seen are called what phenotype
what is heredity the passing of traits from parent to child
who was the father of modern genetics and was nicknamed the Austrian munk and used pea plants to see how dna is passed gregor mendal
what is a nucleotide made of a sugar,a phosphate, a base
what are the four bases adenine thymine guanine cytosine
what base does adenine pair with thymine
Rosalind Franklin created images of DNA molecules that suggested DNA is spiral shaped using what x-rays
what did crick and Watson discover that dna looks like a double helix and ow the dna is copied
what is the subunits of dna nucleotide
what are genes found on chromosomes
what is the shape of dna a double helix
what is a nucleotide made of a sugar a phosphate 1 of the four bases
who captured an image of dna Rosalind Franklin
what are the sides of a ladder sugar and an phosphate
when traits do not blend but each allele has its own degree of influence what is this called incomplete dominance
who found that the amount of adenine in dna always equal the amount of thymine and the amount of guanine always equals the amount of cytosine erwin chargaff
what does dna stand for deoxyribonucleic acid
what carries hereditary information dna
what does a change in order of bases cause mutation
what can cause damage to dna muntegen
what is a tool for tracing a trait through generations pedigree
what is selective breeding when certains traits are mated
what is the outcome of meiosis 4 unique haploids
what is a haploid a cell with half of the normal amount of chromosomes 23
what is a diploid a cell with all 46 chromosomes
2nd meiosis chromosomes do not___________ duplicate
meiosis is the same process of mitosis just done 2 times
what does cytosine pair with guanine
what does thymine pair with adenine
what does guanine pair with cytosine
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