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guded notes

____________- a large mass of ice that moves over the land that forms when snow builds up glacier
there are two types of glaciers- _____________ and valley glaciers continental
a continental glacier covers _______ areas of land ex: ice age large
a valley glacier stays in the ________ valleys
a valley glacier can be very long and __________ narrow
a valley glacier is pulled down by ________ gravity
two types of glacier erosion are ____________ and ________ plucking
____________- glaciers pick up rock as they move plucking
________- glaciers carry rocks, sediment and other rocks as they move. abrasion
three types of glacier deposition are: ______, ___________, and ___________, till, moraine, kettle
____- a mixture of sediment deposited on the surface till
______________- ridge of sediment at the farthest point of a glacier. moraine
_________- small depression into the ground formed by retreating (when they fill with water from lakes) kettle
as wind blows across the surface; it transfers ________ to the water energy
________ moves up and down not forward, until it hits the shore water
waves ____ the coast shape
4 types of wave erosion: _________, ______________, __________, ________. impact, abrasion, headland, landforms
____________- waves hit the shore impact
________- waves pick up sediment abrasion
____________- rock or manmade, causes waves to change direction headland
_____________- sea caves, wave cut cliff, sea arch, sea stack landforms
4 types of wave deposition: ________________, _____________, ___________, ___________/___________. longshore drift, beach, spit, sandbars/ barrier beaches
_______________ _________- sand carried down beach at an angle longshore drift
___________- waves deposit sediment on land beach
________- fingers of sand out in water, due to longshore current spit
________/_______ ____________- sand built up parallel to shore sandbars/ barrier beaches
______ erosion happens when wind particles of sediment and moves it across the surface of the earth wind
an example of wind erosion is _________ deflation
___________- wind blows across the land deflation
______________- sediment is blasted against rocks and can polish them and make them smooth. abrasion
two types of wind deposition are _______ _________ and _____ _______ sand dunes, loess deposits
sand dunes
_______ __________- like sand dunes, but it is when fine particles like clay or silt are deposited in layers loess deposits
what part of the water is affected by a wave in deep water? only the water near the surface is affected
list two ways that waves erode the land. abrasion and impact
part of the shore that sticks out into the ocean because it is made of harder rock is called a ______________ headland
list three landforms created by wave erosion. wave cut cliff, sea stack, sea arch
the process in which beach sediment is moved down the beach with the current is called _________ ______ longshore drift
how does a spit form? where a headland or other obstacle interrupts longshore drift and deposition occurs.
why is wind effective in causing erosion in deserts? there are very few plants to hold the soil in place.
when does wind- carried sediment fall to the ground? when the wind slows down or when an obstacle traps the wind blown sediment
list two types of deposits formed by wind erosion and deposition. sand dune and loess deposit
___________-long mound of till that is smoothed in the direction of the glacier's flow. drumlin
_________-bowl-shaped hollow eroded by a glacier cirque
____-sharp ridge separating two cirques arete
Created by: Giana.gabriel
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