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Food Science

Questions and answer

questions Answer
The study of food components and how the body uses them to sustain life and health is Nutrition
This development helped scientists better understand the effects of bacteria on food spoilage and human health Microscope
what factor improved public opinion regarding cake and pancake mixes woman working in ww2
which food product was developed before the industrial revolution? Cheese
Milk with chalk added is an example of which type of food? Adulterated
Who was head chemist of the United states department of agriculture who helped develop the food and drug law? Harvey Wiley
The food code is a guide to handling safely
what are some examples of a food analog? Bacon chips
What are some advantages of using a cryogenic liquids to chill food? It helps to maintain much of the color, texture, and nutritive value of fresh foods
Define food science The study of the nature of food, the causes of deterioration, the principles underlying food processing, and the improvement of foods for the consuming public
which act requires all packaged foods to bear labeling? Nutrition labeling and education act
A high- protein cereal grain formulated from maize, sorghum, and cotton seed Incaparina
Hydroponic crops grow with their roots suspended in the liquid nutrients solutions
what was originally created for the space program Microwave vacuum
what are some contributions of george washington carver he developed hundreds of food products
what are four factors food scientist must consider when developing new products -safety -cost -quality -nutrition
list five jobs that require knowledge of proper food handling -farmers -shippers -processors -food retailers -cooks
identifies seven colors as acceptable for use in processed foods First certified color regulations
prohibits the use of any additive in food that is found top cause cancer Delaney Clause
requires all consumer products in interstate commerce to be honestly and informatively labeled fair packaging and labeling act
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