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Astronomy lesson 7

Apologia Astronomy lesson 7

How long does it take Mars to revolve around the sun? 687 Earth days
How long does it take Mars to rotate on its axis? 25 Earth hours
What is the name of the largest volcano on Mars---which is also the largest volcano in the Solar System? Olympus Mons
Which is larger---Earth or Mars? Earth
________________ is an enclosed habitat that seals in oxygen, allows the Sun's light to come in and maintains enough water to drink and for plants to grow. Scientists want to build one of these on Mars. ecosystem
What is contained in the dirt on Mars that causes it to look red, leading Mars to be called the "red planet"? rusted iron
What are the names of the two moons of Mars? Phobos and Deimos
Does Earth or Mars have more gravity? Earth
Which hemisphere of Mars is covered with craters---Northern or Southern? Southern
What color does the daytime sky on Mars appear? butterscotch (yellow-brown)
What color does the Mars sky appear at sunset? blue
The weather on Mars is similar to what location on Earth? Antarctica
Dry ice is actually frozen _________ ____________ which is a gas that humans breathe out daily. carbon dioxide
The water on Mars is permanently frozen in the ground which is why it is called ____________. permafrost
Are the moons of Mars able to totally block out the Sun's light causing a solar eclipse? No
Because of its red appearance which reminded the Romans of blood, Mars was named after the Roman god of ___________. war
The currently used rovers on Mars look like remote controlled cars but they have problems climbing hills or mountains. Because of this, NASA engineers are trying to design a new type of rover that looks like what? A spider
Created by: amcollins