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Chapter 9 Section 1

indigenous native to a place
mestizo refers to people of Native American and European descent
urbanization the movement of people from rural areas into cities
mega city a city with more than 10 million people
primate city a city that dominates a country's economy, culture, and government and in which population is concentrated usually; the capital
glyph picture writing carved in stone
chinampas floating farming islands made by the Aztec
conquistador Spanish term for "conqueror," referring to soldiers who conquered Native Americans in Latin america
viceroy representative of the Spanish monarch appointed to enforce laws in colonial Latin America
caudillo a Latin American political leader from the late 1800s to the present day, often a military dictator
syncretism a blending of beliefs and practices from different religions into one faith
malnutrition faulty or inadequate nutrition
mural wall painting
mosaic picture or design made with small pieces of colored stone, glass, shell or tile
extended family household made up of several generations of family members
external arising or acting from the outside
internal existing or lying within
predict to declare in advance
dialect local form of language used in a particular place or by a certain group
patois dialects that blend elements of indigenous, European, African, and Asian languages
matriarchal family ruled by a woman such as a mother, grandmother, or aunt
diverse differing from one another
collapse to break down completely
transmission the act, process, or example of sending or conveying from one person or place to another
brain drain the loss of highly educated and skilled workers to other countries
quipu knotted cords of various lengths and colors used by the Inca to keep financial records
hierarchical of, relating to, or arranged in order of rank
comprised to be included or made up of
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