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Water and air that is denser cold
Water and air that is least dense warm
Cold air and water ____ when meeting warm air and water sink
Low, layered, grey clouds that bring precipitation stratus
Wind that blows from the land to the sea at night land breeze
Pressure associated with storms low pressure
Pressure associated with nice weather high pressure
Precipitation from cumulonimbus clouds that forms from convection currents hail
When a sea breeze normally occurs day
When a land breeze normally occurs night
A cold air mass moves into an area of warm air, bringing storms followed by clear, cooler weather cold front
After precipitation water flows from higher ground to a body of water runoff
A warm air mass moves into an area of cold air and rises bringing rain followed by warm weather warm front
Heat transfer by electromagnetic waves radiation
A cold air mass and warm air mass meet and stall over an area, bringing rain for several days stationary front
The most dangerous type of precipitation - rain that freezes on contact with frozen surface freezing rain
Clouds that grow taller and bring hail and severe weather such as thunder storms and tornadoes cumulonimbus
Precipitation that falls and sinks into the ground groundwater
When the sun heats water turning it into a vapor and it rises evaporation
The flow of hot and cold regions through a fluid convection currents
When condensed water in clouds becomes heavy and falls to Earth precipitation
Precipitation that starts as ice crystals and stays as ice crystals as it falls to the ground snow
Cold air and water sink because it is more _____ than warm air and water dense
When water vapor cools and clings to a surface becoming liquid condensation
Ocean currents are driven by _____ and wind temperature
Wind that blows from the sea toward the land during the day sea breeze
Warm air and water _____ when they meet cold air and water rise
The layer of air that surrounds the earth atmosphere
The layer of atmosphere that has weather, the temperature decreases with altitude troposphere
The layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone layer stratosphere
The layer of the atmosphere that is the coldest, where meteoroids burn up mesosphere
The hottest layer of the atmosphere thermosphere
Within the stratosphere, protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation from the sun Ozone layer
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