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Chinese Vocabulary

Chapter 15

艺术 Art
艺术作品 Work of Art
艺术家 Artist
绘画 Painting
音乐 Music
舞蹈 Dance
建筑 Building
动画 Cartoon
漫画 Caricature
摄影 Photography
画家 Painter
模特 Model
画像 Portrait
油画 Oil Painting
风景画 Landscape Painting
工艺品 Craftwork
园林 Garden
文房四宝 4 treasures of the study: brush, ink, ink slab, paper
琴棋书画 4 subjects traditionally studied by educated people: traditional musical instrument, chess, calligraphy, Chinese painting
书法 Calligraphy
剪纸 Paper-cutting
风筝 Kite
对联 Antithetical Couplet
刺绣 Embroidery
中国结 Chinese Knot
陶器 Ceramics
瓷器 Porcelain
武术 Martial Arts
京剧 Beijing Opera
丰富多彩 Rich and colorful
宝贵 valuable
财富 wealth; fortune
喜爱 like, favor
经典 classics
演出 performance
欣赏 enjoy
博物馆 museum
美术馆 pinacotheca (Art Museum)
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