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33 - Wenham 23

Verbs extracted from 23A exercises

We were going (not αγω nor ερχομαι) επορευομεθα
They were denying ηρνουντο
They were going away απηρχοντο
Do not answer! (sing.) μη αποκρινου
He was baptizing εβαπτιζεν
I used to answer απεκρινομην
They came (not παραγινομαι nor πορευομαι) ηρχοντο
Work! (pl.) εργαζεσθε
He receives δεχεται
They come (not παραγινομαι nor πορευομαι) ερχονται
He eats εσθιει
He keeps τηρει
Touch! (take hold of - sing.) άπτου
I send πεμπω
He used to receive εδεχετο
They work εργαζονται
Let him receive! (pl.) (not παραλαμβανω) δεχεσθω
He is writing γραφει
We were going through διηρχομεθα
We were following ηκολουθουμεν
Let them take hold of! άπτεσθωσαν
It is being built οικοδομειται
They were wishing (not θελω) εβουλοντο
He was speaking ελαλει
He begins αρχεται
He is not able ου δυναται
You (pl.) must answer δει ύμασ αποκρινεσθαι
I command you (sing.) παραγγελλω σοι
You (pl.) are about μελλετε
He did not wish (not βουλομαι) ουκ ηθελεν
He was (not ειμι) ύπηρχεν
It does not belong to me ουχ ύπαρχει μοι
I offer προσφερω
He will rule αρξει
His people will pray ό λαος αυτου προσευξεται
He will preach the gospel (evangelize) ευαγγελισεται
Greet one another !(pl.) ασπαζεσθε αλληλους
He will reckon λογισεται
They were coming (not πορευομαι nor ερχομαι) παρεγινοντο
They were being baptized εβαπτιζοντο
He comes (not ερχομαι nor πορευομαι) παραγινεται
Do not fear! (sing.) "be afraid" μη φοβου
Believe! (sing) πιστευε
You (pl.)will not even become ουδε γενησεσθε
Powerful she will be δυνατη εσται
It is necessary to put on δει ενδυεσθαι
to come out εξερχεσθαι
to go - infintive (not of ερχομαι nor αγω) πορευεσθαι
Created by: Koine Greek
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