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Landslides Gravity, rain or both pulls rocks and mud down the mountain causing destruction
Soil The upper layer of Earth consisting of a mixture of organic remains, rocks and clay particles
Delta Created by the deposition of sediment. Streams and rivers deposit sediments at the mouth creating deltas. They are large flat area of land at the mouth of a river
Canyon A huge V-shaped valley made from moving water. The Grand Canyon was formed over the last 6 million years. Made by fast moving water carving out a V-shape.
Sand dune A mound of sand deposited by wind
U-shaped valley Made by a glacier scraping through
V-shaped valley Made by moving water
Landform An area of land, or a land shape found on the surface of the Earth
Glacier A huge moving body of ice that scrapes the landscape
Biofuels Made from crops and can be used as an alternative resource like ethanol for our cars
Renewable resource Resources that CAN be replaced in a short amount of time. (Soil, sun, crops, people, plants, trees, air, animals and water?
Nonrenewable resource Resources that CANNOT be replaced quickly. Takes millions of years. (Coal, oil, natural gas, silver, gold, diamonds, aluminum and gems)
Organic acquired from living matter
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