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Heme Disorders

Anemia Lack healthy RBC
S/Sx of Anemia Dizziness, Fatigue, malaise, increased heart rate, palpitations, SOB, weakness, pallor, headache, brittle nails
Diagnostics for Anemia CBC, blood shape/size testing, bone marrow biopsy
Treatment for Anemia Iron, vitamins, blood transfusion, medication, folic acid
Causes of Anemia Iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, anemia inflammation, aplastic anemia, bone marrow disease, hemolytic and sickle cell disease
Assessment for Anemia Physical exam, past medical history, CBC, bone marrow biopsy, blood shape/ size testing
Most affected in Anemia Malnourished
Sickle Cell Anemia misshaped RBC
S/Sx of Sickle Cell Anemia Pain in joints, dizziness, fatigue, Low O2, malaise, infections, delayed growth
Diagnostics for Sickle Cell Anemia Blood tests check for Hemoglobin S, prenatal amniocentesis
Treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia Bone marrow transplant, antibiotics, pain management, Hydroxyurea
Causes of Sickle Cell Anemia Gene mutation in hemoglobin- inherited
Extra/ most affected for One parent= trait Both parents= sickle cell
Assessments for Sickle Cell Anemia Physical exam, blood tests check for hemoglobin S, prenatal amniocentesis
Von Willebrandt's Disease Bleeding disorder
S/sx of Von Willebrandt's disease recurrent/ prolonged nose bleeds, bleeding gums, increased menstrual flow, excessive bleeding from cuts, bruising
Diagnostic tests for Von Willebrandt's Disease Von W factor antigen test, factor activity, clotting activity, factor multimers
Treatment for Von Willebrandt's Disease Desmopressin, replacement therapies, oral contraceptives, clot stabilizing medications, drugs applied to cuts.
Causes of Von Willebrandt's Disease Inherited abnormal gene, low levels of clotting in the blood
Extra/ most Affected Autosomal dominant
Assessments for Von Willibrandt's Disease Physical exam, Von W factor, clotting activity
Hemophilia Bleeding disorder
S/sx of Hemophilia Large deep bruises, joint pain, swelling, unexplained bleeding, blood in urine or stool, nose bleeds, unexplained irritability
Diagnostics for Hemophilia blood tests
Treatment for Hemophilia Desmopressin, clot preserving medication, fibrin sealants, Physical therapy, vaccinations, first aid for cuts
Causes of hemophilia Lack sufficient blood clotting proteins
Extra/ Most affected Occurs mostly in males. faulty gene on the X chromosome, genetics, inherited
Assessment for Hemophilia Physical exam, blood tests
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