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Words from science

Living creatures that can breath and move Animals
The top part of your body where your brain, eyes, nose, and mouth are. Head
A large natural stream of fresh water that flows into a lake or an ocean. River
Things that are made of rope that is knotted together with holes in between them. Nets
The part of the shark that is shaped like a triangle and sticks out of the water. Fin
A moving bump on top of the ocean. Wave
The powers an animal uses to learn about its surroundings. Senses
A large fish that feeds on meat and has very sharp teeth. Shark
Mammals that live in coastal waters and has a thick fur and flippers. Seals
The change in the level of water in the ocean caused by the pull of the moon and the sun on the earth. Tide
Frightened or worried. Afraid
A situation that is not safe. Danger
An experience that teaches you something. Lesson
A difficult, dangerous, or upsetting situation. Trouble
To know what something means or how something works. Understand
Created by: adyuli