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Terms to know on Nutrition

Abdominal circumference indirect measurement of fatty (adipose) tissue that is distributed in and about the viscera of the abdomen.
Anorexia loss of appetite.
Anthropometric data measurements of body size and composition.
Body mass index numeric data used to compare a person's size in relation to norms for the adult population.
Cachexia general wasting of body tissue.
Calorie amount of heat that raises the temperature of 1 g of water by 1 degree C.
Carbohydrates nutrients that contain molecules of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Cardiometabolic syndrome cluster of modifiable risk factors that can potentially lead to cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus if uncontrolled.
Cellulose undigestible fiber in the stems, skin and leaves of fruits and vegetables.
Complete proteins those that contain all of the essential amino acids.
Dementia impairment of intellectual functioning.
Diet history assessment technique used to obtain facts about a person's eating habits and factors that affect nutrition.
Dysphagia difficult swallowing.
Emaciation excessive leanness.
Emesis substance that is vomited.
Eructation belching.
Essential amino acids proteins components that must be obtained from food because they cannot be synthesized by the body.
Fats nutrient that contains molecules composed of glycerol and fatty acids called glycerides.
Fat soluble vitamins those carried and stored in fat; vitamins A, D, E, and K.
Flatus gas formed in the intestine and released from the rectum.
Incomplete proteins those that contain some, but not all of the essential amino acids.
Kilocalories 1,000 calories , or the amount of heat that raises the temperature of 1kg of water by 1 degree C.
Lipoproteins combinations of fats and proteins.
Malnutrition condition resulting from a lack of proper nutrients in the diet.
Megadoses amounts exceeding those considered adequate for health.
Metabolic rate use of calories for sustaining body functions.
Midarm circumference measurement used to assess skeletal muscle mass.
Minerals noncaloric substances in food that are essential to all cells.
Nausea feeling that usually precedes vomiting.
Nonessential amino acids protein components manufactured in the body.
Nutrition Process by which the body uses food.
Obesity condition in which a person's body mass index exceeds 30 or the triceps skinfold measurement exceeds 15mm.
Projectile vomiting vomiting that occurs with great force.
Protein nutrient composed of amino acids; chemical compounds made up of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Protein complementation combining plant sources of protein
Regurgitation bringing stomach contents to the throat and mouth without the effort of vomiting.
Retching act of vomiting without producing vomitus.
Saturated fats lipids that contain as much hydrogen as their molecular structure can hold.
Triceps skinfold measurement data estimating the amount of subcutaneous fat deposits.
Trans fats unsaturated, fats hydrogenated fats.
Unsaturated fats lipids that are missing some hydrogen.
Vegans person who relies exclusively on plant sources for protein.
Vegetarians person who restricts consumption of animal food sources.
Vitamins chemical substances that are necessary in minute amounts for normal growth, maintenance of health, and functioning of the body.
Vomiting loss of stomach contents through the mouth.
Vomitus substance that is vomited.
Water-soluble vitamins vitamins present and carried in body water, B complex and vitamin C.
Created by: Jessica Venyke
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