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8th Gr. Voc 30-41

Weeks 7-9

benthos organisms that live on or near the ocean bottom
plankton tiny organisms that are moved by ocean currents
nekton free-swimming ocean organisms that can move independently of currents
pH the measure of how acidic or basic a substance is
turbidity a measure of how clear water is
bio-indicators organisms that are used to assess the health of a water system
algal bloom the rapid growth of algae encouraged by too many nutrients in the water
non-point source pollution pollution that comes from many places
remote sensing the method of gathering information about areas without visiting the area
global positioning system (GPS) using satellites to pinpoint locations on Earth
geographic information system (GIS) mapmaking software that creates map layers containing different information about an area
point source pollution pollution that comes from a single identifiable site
Created by: karen_lindley