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Government Unit 3

Government Unit 3- Political Parties, interest groups, and the media

What is a Political Party? an organization that sponsor's a candidate for political office under the organization's name.
What is a platform? A public statement of the principles, objectives, and policy of a political party.
What are third parties? they are non factors. they arise when there is a dissatisfaction w/ two major parties and they force major parties to expand the agenda and include them.
PAC's and why they were created: political action comittees; a private group organized to financially support candidates for office
What is hard money? money donated directly to the candidate or party; regulated and limited by legislation; donor names must be declared and part of public record
What is soft money? indirect donations; donated to parties for "party building" activities and pumped into advertising.
What are lobbyists? people who influence congressmen to support thier issue
A coalition is what? the people who make up and support a certain political party
What is Split ticket voting? voting for a specific candidate, not strictly by party lines.
What are critical elections? a major traumatic event caused the dominate party to faulter in voter's eyes and the opposition party seizes control.
What are party eras? times in history (and the present) highlighted by critical elections.
What is a centrist? a moderate
What is broadcasting? term adopted by the major TV networks because their signal was being sent out to a broad audience.
Narrowcasting is what? term applied to today's cable/satellite/internet programming aimed at a narrow/particular audience
What are some reasons political parties work and make sense? They create competition, choice, and democracy
What is a media event? an event purposely staged for the media and made to look spontaneous.
A bolter party is... TR, Wallace, Perot
A Doctrinal Party is... The socialist, Communist, Libertarian
A single issue party is... a party focused on one issue or principle.
What are the two main goals of the 1974 Federal Election Campaign Act? to provide a voluntary public financery programfor presidential candidates' to require all PAC's candidates, and all party committees to disclose all constributions and expenditures.
What two key events brought about the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002? 1996 financial scandal involving Clinton and the 200 Enron Scandal
What two events changed the media and public perception of our government? Vietnam and Watergate
What drives media coverage? Technology and scandal
What do americans want to see on the news? disaster, scandal, violence, and conflict
What do PAC's do? they financially support candidates for office
What create PAC's? The Federal Election Campaign Act
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