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S/E/SE Asia Vocab

Dissident a citizen who speaks out against government policies
Dynasty a ruling house or continuing family of rulers
Endemic Species an animal or plant native to a certain area
Free Port port city where goods can be unloaded, stored, and reshipped without the payment of import duties
Green Revolution program, begun in the 1960s, to produce higher-yielding, more productive strains of wheat, rice, and other food crops
Insular island
Buffer State neutral territory between rival powers
Alluvial Plain floodplain on which flooding rivers have deposited rich soil
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) an organization formed in 1967 to promote regional development and trade in Southeast Asia
Reincarnation being reborn repeatedly in different forms, until one has overcome earthly desires
Karma the sum of good and bad actions in one's present and past lives
Dharma a person's moral duty, based on class distinctions , which guides his or her life
Jati a social group that defines a family's occupation and social standing
Shogun military ruler in medieval Japan
Sphere of Influence area of a country in which a foregin power has political or economic control
Sub-Continent large land mass that is part of a continent but still distinct from it
World Trade Organitation (WTO) an international body that oversees trade agreements and settles trade disputes among countries
Shifting Cultivation clearing forests to plant fields for a few years and then abandoning them
Maritime concerned with travel or shipping by sea
Monsoon seasonal wind that brings warm, moist air from the oceans in summer and cold, dry air from inland in winter
Nuclear Proliferation the spreading development of nuclear arms
Paddy flooded field in which rice is grown
Raj Hindu word for empire
Samurai a class of professional soldiers who lived by a strict code of personal honor and loyalty to a noble
Interdependent relying on one another for goods, services, and ideas
Loess fine, yellowish-brown topsoil made up of particles of silt and clay, usually carried by the wind
Calligraphy the art of beautiful handwriting
Chlorofluorocarbons chemical substance, found mainly in liquid coolants, that damages the earth's protective ozone layer
Cottage Industry a buisness that employs workers in their homes
Desertification process in which arable land is turned into desert
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