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cambridge latin course unit 1

adsum, adesse, adfuī be present, be here
agricola, -ae, m. farmer
ambulo, ambulare, ambulavī walk
audio, audire, audivi hear, listen to
clāmor, clāmōris, m. shout, uproar
contendo, contendere, contendī hurry
curro, currere, cucurrī run
euge! hurrah!
fābula, fābulae, f. play, story
fēmina, fēminae, f. woman
hodiē today
iuvenis, iuvenis, m./f. young man/young woman
meus, -a, -um my, mine
multus, -a, -um much
multī many
optimus, -a, -um very good, excellent, best
peto, petere, petivī head for, attack, seek
plaudo, plaudere, plausī applaud, clap
puella, puellae, f. girl
senex, senis, m. old man
specto, spectare, spectavī look at, watch
sto, stare, stetī stand
turba, turbae, f. crowd
ubi? where, when?
urbs, urbis, f. city
venio, venire, vēnī come
absum, abesse, afuī be absent
avarus, -a, -um miserly, greedy
avarus, avarī, m. miser
bonus, -a, -um good
emo, emere, emī buy
ferociter fiercely
festino, festinare, festinavī hurry
fortis, fortis, forte strong
fur, furis, m. thief
infans, infantis, m./f. baby
intente intently
libertus, libertī, m. freedman
olim once
parvus, -a, -um small, little
per (+ accusative) through
postquam after
pulso, pulsare, pulsavī hit
quod because
res, reī, f. thing
scribo, scribere, scripsī write
subito suddenly
supero, superare, superavī overpower
tum then
tuus, -a, -um your
vitupero, vituperare, vituperavī tell off, find fault with, curse, blame
canis, canis, m./f. dog
coquus, coqui, m. cook
sum, esse, fuī be
filia, filiae, f. daughter
filius, filiī, m. son
hortus, hortī, m. garden
in (+ accusative) into
in (+ ablative) in/on
laboro, laborare, laboravī work
mater, matris, f. mother
pater, patris, m. father
sedeo, sedere, sedī sit
servus, servi, m. slave
via, viae, f. street
amicus, amicī, m. friend
ancilla, ancillae, f. slave girl
cena, cenae, f. dinner
cibus, cibī, m. food
dominus, dominī, m. master
dormio, dormire, dormivī sleep
intro, intrare, intravī enter
laetus, -a, -um happy
laudo, laudare, laudavī praise
mercator, mercatoris, m. merchant
quoque also
saluto, salutare, salutavī greet
ad (+ accusative) to, towards, at
bibo, bibere, bibī drink
circumspecto, circumspectare, circumspectavī look around
clamo, clamare, clamavī shout
ecce! look!
et and
exeo, exire, exiī go out
exspecto, exspectare, exspectavī wait for
forum, forī forum
ianua, ianuae, f. door
iratus, -a, -um angry
leo, leonis, m. lion
magnus, -a, -um big
navis, navis, f. ship
non not
porto, partare, portavī carry
respondeo, respondere, respondī reply
rideo, ridere, risī laugh (at)
salve! hello! (singular)
surgo, surgere, surrexī get up
taberna, tabernae, f. shop
video, videre, vidī see
villa, villae, f. country house, villa
vinum, vinī, n. wine
ago, agere, egī do, drive, lead
anulus, anulī, m. ring
coquo, coquere, coxī cook
cur? why?
ē/ex (+ ablative); (ē before a consonant, ex before a vowel) from, out of
ego I
eheu oh no, oh dear, alas
habeo, habēre, habuī have, hold
inquit he/she/it says, is saying
iudex, iudicis, m. judge
mendax, mendacis, m. liar
pecunia, pecuniae, f. money
perterritus, -a, -um terrified
poeta, poetae, m. poet
quaero, quaerere, quaesivī look for, search for
quis who
reddo, reddere, reddidī give back
satis enough
sed but
signum, signī, n. sign, seal
you (singular)
voco, vocare, vocavī call
ceno, cenare, cenavī dine
centurio, centurionis, m. centurion
conspicio, conspicere, conspexī catch sight of
cum (+ ablative) with
facio, facere, fecī make, do
heri yesterday
ingens, ingentis huge
intellego, intellegere, intellexī understand
lacrimo, lacrimare, lacrimavī cry
mortuus, -a, -um dead
narro, narrare, narravī tell
neco, necare, necavī kill
nihil nothing
omnis, omnis, omne every, all
paro, parare, paravī prepare
pestis, pestis, f. pest
poculum, poculī, n. cup
procedo, procedere, processī advance, proceed
prope near
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful
rogo, rogare, rogavī ask
tacite quietly
tamen however
terreo, terrere, terruī frighten
umbra, umbrae, f. ghost, shadow
valde very much
agito, agitare, agitavī chase, hunt
consumo, consumere, consumpsī eat
duco, ducere, duxī lead
eum him
facile easily
ferox, ferocis fierce, ferocious
gladius, gladii, m. sword
habito, habitare, habitavī live
hic this
ignavus, -a, -um cowardly, (in other contexts lazy)
incito, incitare, incitavī urge on, encourage
nūntius, nūntiī, m. messenger
pes, pedis, m. foot, paw
porta, portae, f. gate
postulo, postulare, postulavī demand
puer, pueri, m. boy
pugno, pugnare, pugnavī fight
recumbo, recumbere, recubuī lie down, recline
saepe often
sanguis, sanguinis, m. blood
silva, silvae, f. woods, forest
spectāculum, spectāculī, n. show, spectacle
statim at once
tōtus, -a, -um whole
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovī recognize
celeriter quickly
cupio, cupere, cupivī want
do, dare, dedī give
dies, dieī, m. day
emitto, emittere, emisī throw, send out
fero, ferre, tulī bring, carry
homo, hominis, m. human being, man
hospes, hospitis, m. guest
ille that
inspicio, inspicere, inspexī look at, examine
iterum again
maneo, manēre, mansī remain, stay
medius, -a, -um middle
mox soon
offero, offerre, obtulī offer
ostendo, ostendere, ostendī show
post (+ accusative) after
revenio, revenire, revēnī come back, return
trado, tradere, tradidī, traditus to hand over
abeo, abire, abiī go away
accipio, accipere, accepī accept
callidus, -a, -um clever, cunning
contentus, -a, -um satisfied
exclamo, exclamare, exclamavī exclaim
frater, fratris, m. brother
imperium, imperiī, n. empire
invenio, invenire, invēnī find
liber, libri, m. book
nos we
nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavī announce
pax, pacis, f. peace
portus, portūs, m. harbor, port
quam than
semper always
servo, servare, servavī save, look after
solus, -a, -um alone
suus, -a, -um his, her, their (reflexive--refers to the subject of the sentence
taceo, tacēre, tacuī be silent, be quiet
uxor, uxoris, f. wife
vehementer violently, loudly
vos you (plural)
compleo, complēre, complēvī, complētus to fill
primus, prima, primum first
sollicitus, sollicita, sollicitum worried, anxious
timeo, timere, timuī to fear, be afraid of
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