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Cell Growth and Divi

Surface Area the area that surrounds the surface
Volume the amount of space,measure in cubic units,that an object or substance occupies
Ratio the relation between two similar magnitudes with respect to the number of times the first contains the second:written 5:2 or 5/2
DNA overload one copy of Dna isn't enough to control everything in one cell
Parent Cell a cell that is the sorce of all other cells, as a cell that divides to produce two or more daughter cells
Daughter Cell two cells that used to be one
Somatic Cell one of the cells that take part in the formation of the body,becoming differented into various,tissue,organs,etc
Mitosis Division of the cells nucleus
cytokinesis cytoplasm pinches in half,Daughter cells have an identical set of duplicate chromosomes.(divsions of cell cytoplasm
Chromosomes Carry genetic info
Centromere Area where the chromatids of a chromosome are attached
Sister chromatids duplication of chromosomes
Chromatin granular material visible withen the nucleus;consists
Spindle Fibers fanlike microtubule structure that helps seperate the chromosomes during mitosis
cell plate a plate that developes midpoint between the two groups of chromosomes in a dividing cell and that is involved in forming the wall between the two new daughter cells
Tumor mass of growing tissue
Cyclins one of a family of closely related proteins that regulate the cell cycle in eukargote cells
internal regulater -proteins that respond to the events inside the cell.They allow the cell cycle to proceed only when certain process have happened inside the cell
External Regulator -Proteins that respond to events outside the cell.They direct the cell to spedd up or slowdown the cell cycle
What is the cell cycle? the cycle of growth and divsion of a cell, consisting of interphase followed in actively dividing cells by prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.
Besides maintaning a good cell size what are the main resons your healthy somatic cells grow and divide? If it gets to big one copy of the DNA wouldn't be enough to control everything if it kept growing also the bigger the cell the harder it is to move nutrients and waste across the membrane.
'Biologie is the only science in which multiplication is the same as division'What does this quote mean? In cell division the cell gets multiplied to have daughter cells
AS a cell gets larger,which increases faster,it's surface are or volume?Does this make the surface-are-to-volume ratio get larger or smaller?Why is the answer significant As the length of a cell increases it's volume increases faster then the surface area and decreases the cells ratio of surface area to volume. Makes it harder for the cell to move neeeded materieals in and waste products out quickly enough for it to surviv
What are the three oatrs of interphase? g1-cell grows and makes new proteins and organelles Sphase-Dna gets coppied G2-the cell gets prepared for mitosis
Prophase The centrioles take up posistions on oppisite sides of the nucleus
Metaphase Chromosomes line up in the center of the cell.Microtubules connect the centromere of each chromosome to the poles of th spindle
Anaphase sister chromatids seperate into indiviuale chromasomes.They continue to move till they seperate into two goups
Telophase chromosomes gather at oppiset ends of the cell and lose their distinct shape.Anew nucleaur envelope forms around each cluster of chromosomes
cytokenesis the cytoplasm pinches in half
how are dna chromosomes chromatin and sis chromatids related? CHromatin and chromosomes carry DNA.Chromatid mutiplies itself into sister chromatids which are codensed into chromasomes.
Why can cancer be considered a disease of the cell cycle? It doesnt respod to the signals that regulate the growth of most cells
What is the name of the gene we have learned that is present in a very high number of cancer cells? p53