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Patho Quiz 4

Integumentary Disorders and Burns

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is due to Contact with skin allergens
Itchy linear burrows on the hands and wrist are associated with Scabies
Vitiligo is depigmented patch of skin True
Deep pressure ulcers usually results from thrombosis of deep vessels
The cancer considered to be the most malignant is Melanoma
The presence of widely distributed pruritic maculopapular rash and erythema is commonly associated with Drug reaction
At puberty when sebaceous gland secretion increases, follicle obstruction and infection may occur, resulting in acne vulgaris
Acute, painful inflammation with vesicles along the distribution of a spinal nerve (dermatome) is characteristics of Herpes zoster
A topical therapy that would tend to dry the skin because it is an astringent is Gel
Corticosteroids are commonly administered for the management of skin disorders because they reduce inflammation
A 4 year old is brought to the clinic for evaluation of dry, scaly, itchy patches on the face, antecubital areas, and behind the ears and knees. The skin is dry overall, and there is evidence of scratching. This is likely a case of Atopic Dermatitis
Which finding indicates a need for further evaluation of nevus mole? Variations in color within the nevus
Manifestations of herpes zoster include A dermatomal distribution of lesions and pain
Impetigo is a skin infection caused by Bacteria
Scleroderma is characterized by thickening and decreased elasticity of the skin
Which type of dermatitis is associated with cradle cap in newborns? Seborrheic
Impetigo is usually caused by a Bacteria
What is the most common, benign form of skin cancer Basal
What is the most deadly form of skin cancer Melanoma
Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes Chicken Pox
Which skin disorder is thought to be caused by an autoimmune reaction and is characterized by bullous eruptions Pemphigus
A post-infective painful neuralgia can occur as a complication of Shingles
Which findings is characteristic of oral candidiasis Whitish coating on the tongue
A major difference between a vesicel and a wheal is that vesicles Contains fluid, but wheals are edematous tissue.
The difference between chickenpox and measles is that chickenpox Causes vesicles that scab, whereas measles remains a macular rash
Psoriasis is characterized by Silvery scale on the skin
Conditions caused by a virus include Warts
Onycholysis is characterized by Destruction of the nails
A small blister is referred to as a Vesicle
An elevated lesion containing purulent material is a Pustule
A nonpalpable spot that is not elevated or depressed is a Macule
A small, palpable bump is a Papule
A large, palpable bump is a Nodule
Herpes simplex I infection Begins with a burning or tingling sensation. Reactivates with stress, sun exposure, menses. Remains latent in spinal ganglia between outbreaks.
It is true that second-degree, superficial partial-thickness burns usually heal in 7-21 days
The first priority when rescuing a burned individual is Eliminating the source of the burn
Burn shock is the direct result of increased capillary permeability
Electrical injury may cause extensive damage to low resistance tissues, particularly Nerves and blood vessels
The time between the end of burn shock and closure of the burn to less than 20% of total body surface area is called the ______phase Emergent
The primary aim of burn wound management is to prevent microbial colonization of the wound
The third element essential to survival after major burn injury is excision of the burn followed by skin grafting
The most common cause of burn injuries in children is scalding with hot water
The goal of nutritional support of the burned individual is to create a positive nitrogen balance
A necessary intervention when managing burn associated with automobile airbag injury include irrigation with water
The majority of electrical burns in children are caused by biting on extension cords
It is true that covering a burn with cool wet sheets Promotes hypothermia
The immediate management of thermal burn victim once the fire has been extinguished is to monitor for signs of respiratory impairment
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