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Clear No visible particles (transparent)
Cloudy Particles visible, able to read newsprint with distortion
Decant To pour liquid portion off of sediment
Particles visible, able to read newsprint without distortion
Incontinence Inability to control urination
Solute A substance dissolved into a solution
Specific Gravity Density of a substance compared to the density of water
Transparency The relative degree of clarity of a solution
Sediment A substance that settles to the bottom of a solution
Sterile Free from any living microorganisms
Clean Catch Collection procedure in which the external genitalia are cleaned prior to a urine sample collection
Physical, chemical, and microscopic analysis of urine
Analyte Any substance that is being analyzed (tested)
Void To evacuate the bowel or bladder
Prandial Referring to a meal
Post- After
Midstream Urine sample requiring a void before and after collection, to obtain the best representation of a bladder’s content
STD Sexually transmitted disease
Preservative Substance added to prevent spoilage
UTI Urinary tract infection
Negative fluid balance or substantial water loss
Hematuria Blood found in the urine
Ketones An end product of fat metabolism
Nitrites Reliable indication of the presence of bacteria from a UTI
Casts Gelled protein material considered to be an artifact
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