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NC Bail Bond

What are the 3 areas of bail bond law? Chapter 15A, Article 26 Chapter 58, Article 71 NC Administrative Code
What NC agency is in charge of regulating bail bondsmen and runners? NC Department of Insurance
What NC agency is in charge of regulating bail bondsmen and runners? Wayne Goodwin
What persons are prohibited from becoming licensed bail bondsmen or bail bond runners? Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Law enforcement officer, Attorney, Parole Officer, Probation Officer, Jailer, Assistant Jailer, Employee of the General Courts of Justice, other public employee assigned to the administration of criminal justice. *NOR THE SPOUSE
What is the purpose of bail bond? To assure the appearance of the defendant in court
What are the consequences of a bail bond? 1) Forfeiture of bail 2) Order for arrest
What is the definition of a bail bond? An undertaking by the principal to appear in court upon penalty of forfeiting bail
What are the type of bail bonds? 1) Unsecured 2) Premium Secured 3) Cash Deposit 4) Mortgage
What can a bail bond be used for other than the release of a person from jail? Release of a motor vehicle from impoundment
What are the different types of bail bondsman? 1) Accommodation bondsman 2) Surety bondsman 3) Professional bondsman
What is the definition of Commissioner? The NC Commissioner of Insurance
What is the definition of an obligor? A principal or surety on a bond
What is the definition of a surety? One who with the principal is liable for the amount of the bail bond upon forfeiture
What are the 3 types of sureties? 1) Professional Bondsman 2) Accommodation Bondsman 3) Insurer (Insurance Company)
When a person is arrested, what form shows the charge, time, and location to appear in court? Conditions of release
What form is the conditions of release transferred to for the release of a defendant? The Appearance Bond
What does the bond affidavit provide information on? Premium and Collateral
What is the maximum bail bond premium that can be charged? 15%
What are the only 2 things of value a bondsman can accept for posting a bond? Premium and Collateral
What is collateral?
Created by: Honeynut718
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