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Perioperative THR

Peroperative Nursing

The nurse understands that the difference between a jackson-pratt and a Hemovac is? The size of the collection container.A Hemovac is designed to accommodate 100, 400, or 800 mL. Jackson Pratt accommodates volume under 100 mL of drainage.
The Nurse is caring for several patients who received general anesthesia. The nurse identifies that the patient who is at the greatest risk is the patient with? Emphysema.Respiratory problems complicate the administration of inhalation anesthesia.
The Nurse is caring for a patient who had abdominal surgery. Which type of incisional drainage should the nurse except four hours after surgery? Serosanguineous wound drainage.This is the initial drainage excepted after surgery.
A surgical patient is transferred from the PACU to a medical-surgical unit. When reveiwing the phys orders, the nurse is on alert for which vitamin that commonly is ordered for portoperative pt? Vitamin C.Is essential for collagen formation, the single most important protein of the connective tissue.Recommended daily dose is 60 mg, post oper, may need 1000 mL.
A patient spikes a temperature during the first postoperative day. The RN understansd that usually this indicates a potential problem involving the? Lungs.When postoperative pnemonia occurs, patient symptoms are evident usually any time within 36 hours after surgery.
The RN is assessing a pt's status while in the PACU. Which pt adaptation is of the most concern? Limited airway Clearance.Anesthesia causes a loss of the pharyngeal, Laryngeal and gag reflexes; these losses interfere with the protective mechanisms of coughing and swallowing.
The Rn is to apply a transparent wound barrier over the pt's incision. Which nursing action is appropriate? Clean the skin with normal saline before applying the dressing.This removes exudate and ensures adhesion of the dressing. Transparent adhensive films are nonabsorbent semipermeable dressing that are impermeable to water and bacteria.
The RN in the operating room postions a pt for surgery. Which is most important? Providing for adequate thoracic expansion.Facilitating respirations always is the priority b/c permanent brain damage can result from cerebral hypoxia in as little as 4 to 6 minutes.
Perioperative nursing care begins when the? Decision for surgery is made.Begin immediately and continue throughout the pre, intra, post phases.
One hour after the reduction of a compound fracture of the ulna and radius and application of a cast, the RN notices a cetimeter circle of drainage on the patient's cast. What should the nurse do? Circle the spot with a pen and date, time, and initial the area.
There are discharge criteria for patients in the pACU regardless of the type of anesthesia used and additional criteria for specific types of anesthesia. The criterion specific for the pt who has received spinal anesthesia is? Motor and sensory function returns.The ability to move and feel sensations in all four extremities is especially important after receiving spinal anesthesia.
A pt is admitted to the PACU. Which nursing action in most important during the pt's stay in the PACU? Suctioning mucus from respiratory passage.Maintaining the pt airway is always the priority to prevent respiratory distree and hypoxia.
A postoperative pt is transferred back to the surgical unit with an abdominal dression and a penrose drain. Which is the most important nursing action associated with caring for a pt with a penrose drain? Changing the soiled dressing carefully.Tis is necessary to prevent inadvertent removal os the penrose drain b/c it is places in between several layers of gauze to absorb drainage.
A pt who received spinal anestesia is admitted to the PACU. In which postions should the RN place the patient? Supine.To limit leakage of the cerebrospinal fluid from the needle insertion site.
What nutrient containing Vitamin C should the RN encouraged a post operative pt to eat to facilitate wound healing? Broccoli
A pt has a toncillectomy. Which is most appropraite for the RN to encourage this patient to have during the first 24hours after surgery? Ice Pops.Is a frozen clear liquid that promotes vasoconstriction and limits bleeding.
A pt has abdominal surgery. To best assess this pt's gastrointestinal status postoperatively, the RN should: Auscultate for bowel sounds.
Four days after abdominal surgery, while being transferred from he bed to a chair, a patient says to the nurse "my incision feels funny all of a sudden" What should the nurse do first? Place the Patient in Low-Fowler's postion.Permits inspections of the operative site and promotes retention of abdominal viscera
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