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CCS Latin 1 Ch 11

CCS Latin 1 Ch. 11 vocab

corpus corpora N body
hūmānus-a-um human
membrum member, limb of the body
brachium arm
crūs crūra N leg
manus manūs F hand
caput capita N head
auris aurēs F ear
ōs ōra N mouth
capillus hair
frōns frontēs F forehead
īnfrā below + ACC case
gena cheek
cerebrum brain
stultus-a-um stupid
lingua tongue
ruber-ra-rum red
ut like, as
bene well
male badLY
pectus pectora N chest
cor corda N heart
sanguis sanguin- M blood
venā vein, blood vessel
fluere to flow
venter ventr- M stomach
sānus-a-um healthy
aeger-ra-rum sick
medicus doctor
sānāre to heal, to cure
lectus bed
sedēre to sit
stāre to stand
pōculum cup, goblet
bibere to drink
tangere to touch
atque and
arcessere to fetch, summon, send for
iubēre to order, to command
revenīre to come back
aegrōtāre to be sick, ail
dīcere to say
id quod that which
dolēre to hurt/ give pain to
ergō therefore/ and so
appōnere to put {accusative} to an {accusative}
sentīre to sense, feel, realize
au! ouch!
culter knife PL cultī Gen M
horrēre to react in horror
palpitāre to beat fast/ to palpitate
putāre to think/suppose
admovēre to move [an accusative] to [ an accusative]
gaudēre to rejoice/ to be happy
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