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LE Test Vocab 3

Non-science terms from June 2019 LE Regents

Out compete to do better than everyone else
Pathogenic microorganisms causing disease
Permanent lasting or intended
Polluted to contaminate something such as a place with harmful or poisonous substances
Population a group or community where many people are
Poultry chicken
Prediction educated guess
Producing making
Prohibit to not allow
Provided given to you
Raw materials simple starting materials
Recognition noticing an accomplishment
Record write down date
Reduce decrease
Referred pass on to someone else
Regulate maintain at an appropriate level
Renewal reset or start over
Replicate copy or mimic
Respiratory the breathing system
Result end product
Solar panels make energy from the sun
Stability help support to keep balances
Stimulate cause something to happen
Strenuous a situation where your body has to work hard
Succeeding following after
Synthesis to make or to form
Threatened in danger
Transmissible passed on through
Universal understood by or pertaining to many
Created by: PRO Teacher etucci
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