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LE Test Vocab 2

Non-science terms from June 2019 LE Regents

Evolved organisms that have changed over time have “____”
Experimental relating to scientific inquiry
Extinction The whiping out of species
Finite will only last a short time
Fossil / Fossil Evidence evidence of living things found in sedimentary rock
Habit a preference formed by repetition
“Hot spot” an area where there is a high occurrence of an event or conditions
Inconclusive results that don’t show a definite relationship
Industrialization the development of an area to support factories
Infinite endless amount
Inhabit live in and occupy
Initial set-up carriage of the body
Migratory denoting an animal that migrates
Modified make partial or minor changes to something , typically so as to improve it.
Mosquito a slender long legged fly with aquatic larvae and the bite can transmit a lot of diseases.
Mutatates change or cause to change in form or nature.
Natural habitat where something normally lives
Nutrition the food you eat
Offspring a animal’s baby
Out compete surpass in competition
Created by: PRO Teacher etucci
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