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Molecular Bio: Transcription

DNA Poly binds to RNA Primer. So where does RNA Poly bind? "Promoter" region
How far upstream is RNA "Promoter" regions? (upstream from actual coding DNA) usually -10 & -35. (the first coding region is called "+1"...there is not "0")
Which part of the nucleus forms mRNA, tRNA, rRNA? mRNA, tRNA = made in euchromatin. rRNA = nucleolus
Which side of the DNA does RNA Poly act on: Template strand or Coding strand? Template strand
What is the significance of Coding strand of DNA? It is a replica of the RNA being formed (except you must replace the T's with U's)
If template strand of DNA is 5'-AGTGC-3' , what is the synthesized RNA? 5'-GCACU-3' (remember RNA Poly always reads 3'-->5', and synthesizes 5'-->3')
Does Promoter region get transcribed? Hellz no. TRX begins at +1
Where are untranslated regions (UTR) located on DNA and RNA? Usually right before and right after coding region: --[promoter]--(+1)UTR-{coding region}-UTR--
What important element is present in the first UTR in prokaryotes? What is its importance? Shane Delgarno Sequence; it is the sequence on mRNA that the ribosome look for to start Translation (protein synthesis)
What element is present in the second UTR (the UTR after the coding region)of prokaryotes? GC-rich hairpin loop and TTTTTT (UUUUU in the actual RNA).
Transcription ends before or after GC rich + TTTTT region of DNA template in prokaryotes? TRX ends after these elements. They are present in the transcribed UTR as GC loop + UUUUUU of RNA.
In bacteria (prokaryotes) is there post-TRX processing? NO. Only eukaryotic TRX has post-TRX processing.
In eukaryotes, which segment is expressed: exon or intron? Exons are expressed. Introns are intervening. Ex->ex, Int->int
What is present in the first UTR of eukaryotes? Nothing
What is present in second UTR of eukaryotes? AAUAAA (a signal for Poly-A tail addition)
What are the promoters for eukaryotic TRX? TATA box (-25) and CAAT box (-70). TRX factors bind these.
What are the 3 steps of post transcriptional modification of eukaryotic RNA? Where do they occur? Methyl Cap on 5' end, Poly-A tail on 3' end, Splicing of introns by snRNA. All steps in nucleus.
What is the eukaryotic RNA called before modifications? Primary transcript
What is eukaryotic RNA called after methyl cap? hnRNA
What is eukaryotic called after modifications complete? mRNA
What do ribosomes look for on eukaryotic mRNA to begin TRL? 5' methyl cap
Exon/Intron alternative splicing means 1 gene can form _____ proteins. multiple
prokaryotic ribosomes are 70s = ___S and ___S. Which of these recognizes Shane Delgarno? 50S and 30S. 30 S recognizes Shane Delgarno
eukaryotic ribosomes are 80s = ___S and ___S. Which of these recognizes methyl cap? 60S and 40S. 40S recognizes methyl cap
Which is the smallest RNA? tRNA
AA attaches to what end of tRNA? What is this end known as? 3' end. called "CCA" end.
what is purpose of modified bases of tRNA? alter the shape of tRNA so it stays in place in ribosome
Anticodon of tRNA pairs with codon sequence of __RNA? mRNA (being held in ribosome)
mRNA is created by which RNA Poly? RNA Poly II
rRNA is created by which RNA Poly? RNA poly I
tRNA is created by which RNA Poly? RNA Poly III
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