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Science Flash cards

Moving water When water water flows down bodys of water
Run off Persipitaition that flows over land Streams
River When streams become wider & wider
V-shaped valley Formed from erioson of a river
Floodplain An area of a river that forms
Delta Were sediments get dropped off
Alluvial fan rial deposited A fan- shaped mass of material by a stream when the slope of the land decreases sharply
Meander The bends in the river's channel
Oxbow lake A u-shaped lake that is found when a wide meander of a river cut off.
Waterfall An area were water flows over a vertical drop river/stream meets an edge &falls to the ground.
Glacier Any mass of ice that moves over land
Valley or Alpine Formed u shaped valley
Continental A glacier that covers must all of a continent
Plucking When rock fragments freeze
Abrasion The grouging and scraching of bed rock by rocks attached to a glacier
U shaped valley Form when a glaciers erodes a river valley from v-shaped to u-shaped
Till Unsorted rock material that is deposited directly by a melting glacier
Moraine A ridge of sediment and rock left behind when a glaciers melt
Kettle A small dispression that forms when clunks of ice is left
Wave erosion waves erode the sediments from cliffs and shorelines
Sea stacks pillers of rock rising above water
Sea caves Hollow area i n rock created by rock
Sea arch When waves erode a soft rock that is under a hard rock
Sea cliff Formed when erode and rock to produce steep slopes
Beach An area of waves washes sediments along a coast
Marsh wet lands found at ends of lakes
Barrier island A long narrow island forming along the coast
Sand dunes Are both formed and moved by wind
Loess Very fertile sediment of quartz
Groundwater The water located within the rocks below the earths surface
Mass movements A movement at a section of land down a slope
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