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Science 1076

PACE Science book 1076

amoeba a one-celled organism having no certain shape
classify to arrange in categories according to certain characteristics
bilateral two sided
coral a tiny sea animal having an extremely hard skeleton
environment surroundings
exhibit to display; to show
flatworm any member of a group of worms having flat, thin bodies
fluke a parasitic flatworm
grasshopper a winged insect having strong hind legs
host a plant, an animal, or a person in which a parasite lives
invertebrate an animal without a backbone
jellyfish a sea animal composed of transparent, jellylike tissue
paramecium a one-celled organism covered with tiny hairlike fibers
planarian a kind of flatworm that is not a parasite
radial extending like rays from a central point
regenerate to grow again
rot a decaying; a spoiling
roundworm any member of a group of worms having long, round bodies
protoplasm the jellylike substance of living cells
shrimp a small long-tailed sea animal having five pairs of legs
starfish a spiny-skinned, star-shaped sea animal
symmetry a well-balanced arrangement of parts
tentacle a long, flexible growth
mollusk any member of the group of invertebrates having soft bodies and usually covered with a shell
squid a sea animal having eight arms and two tentacles
arthropod any invertebrate having a sectioned body and jointed legs
crustacean any invertebrates that has a hard outer skeleton
millipede a wormlike animal with many body sections and two pairs of legs to each section
scorpion a small animal having a long, thin tail with a poisonous sting
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