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Rx Review Musculoskeletal and Skin R 3

To which portion of the hand does the Median nerve provide cutaneous sensation? Palmar side between the PIP and DIP joints of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1/2 of the 4th digit.
What nerve provides sensation over the Thenar muscles? Median Nerve
What area of the dorsum of the and is innervated by the Median nerve? The top half tohe the index, median, and 1/2 of the 4th digit.
What nerve roots are damaged in Erb Palsy with Waiter's tip arm? C5 and C6 (upper trunk) of the brachial plexus
Which muscle is innervated by the C5-C6 brachial plexus nerve roots? Teres minor muscle
Nerve roots C8-T1 cause damage to which muscle? Flexor carpi ulnaris
Damage to the flexor carpi ulnaris presents with? Hand paralysis (affects C8-T1)
The inability to make a FIST may be due to: Injury to the Flexor digitorum superficialis, by damaging the C8-T1 nerve brachial roots
Damage to the C6 - C8 nerve roots of the brachial plexus is seen with: - Damage to the Thoracodorsal nerve - Inability to ADDuct and Medially rotate the arm
Damage to the CN XI causes what muscle injury? Trapezius
Injury to the Trapezius muscle is seen clinically with? Inability to SHRUG the ipsilateral shoulder. MCC by damage to cranial nerve 11.
What nerve roots compose the the Long Thoracic nerve? C5, C6, and C7.
What common surgery is highly associated with injury to the Long Thoracic nerve? Mastectomies
What is the clinical presentation of injury to the Long Thoracic Nerve? 1. Impair anchoring of scapula against the thoracic cage, leading to inability to ABDuct the arm ABOVE the horizontal position 2. Damage to the Serratus anterior
What nerve is injured or affected by damage to the Long Thoracic nerve? Serratus anterior muscle
What is the pathogenesis of Staphylococcal Scalded syndrome? Epidermis separates from the STRATUM GRANULOSUM as a result of binding epidermolytic toxins A and B to Desmoglein-1 (desmosomes) in this layer.
Histology presents a small, round blue cell, or primitive neuroectodermal tumor cells in a 15 yo white male. Dx? Ewing Sarcoma
What translocation is associated with Ewing Sarcoma? t(11;22)
"Onion-skinning" of the periosteum is seen with: Ewing Sarcoma
What is the gross description of histology in Basal cell carcinoma of the skin? Pearly borders and fine telangiectasias
Which skin cancer is seen with Palisading nuclei and islands of tumor cells? Basal cell carcinoma
What is the most commonly referred COX-2 inhibitor? Celecixib
What is selectively decrease by the use of COX-2 inhibitors? PGI2 levels
The use of COX-2 inhibitors cause: Unopposed actions of TXA2 (prothrombotic) ---> increased risk of acute coronary syndrome and other thrombotic events.
Where in the cell is Cardiolipin found? In the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane
What conditions are (+) for Anticardiolipin antibodies? Syphilis and SLE
Where is Phosphatidylcholine found? Phospholipid found in Myelin sheaths of neurons
What is the presentation of Atopic dermatitis? Severe pruritus, xerosis, and red maculopapular rash
What is the most common treatment for Atopic dermatitis? Applying emollients and moisturizing creams
What is the MCC of Atopic dermatitis? Defective Filaggrin protein --> impairment of tight junctions.
The defective Filaggrin protein in Atopic dermatitis causes: Disruption of the Stratum CORNEUM ---> loss of transepithelial and inflammation.
What is the the MC use of Pilocarpine? Treatment and management of Sjogren's syndrome
What is another, more common, name for Atopic dermatitis? Eczema
Benign cutaneous neoplasm, with a "stuck-on" appearance, stable, and well-demarqued dark pigmented lesion, seems to be appearing in a elderly patient. Dx? Seborrheic Keratosis
What is Lichen Planus? Purple, planar papules and plaques.
What conditions are associated with Lichen Planus? UC, Vitiligo, Dermatomyositis, and Myasthenia gravis.
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