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CCS Latin 1/2 C3

Vocabulary for Latin 1/2 Chapter 3

scaena scene, act
persōna person, character
cantat sings, is singing, does sing
laetus -a -um happy
īrrātus -a -um angry
pulsat hits, is hitting, does hit
ending -am direct object, receives the action of the verb (f)
iam now
plōrat cries, is crying, does cry
rīdet laughs, is laughing, does laugh
videt sees, is seeing, does see
ending -um object, receives the action of the verb (m)
vocat calls, is calling, does call
venit comes, is coming, does come
interrogat asks, is asking, does ask
respondet responds/answers, is …, does …
Cur? Why?
quia because
eam her
Fū! Shame!
probus -a -um good, well-behaved
improbus –a -um bad, naughty
dormit sleeps, is sleeping, does sleep
hīc here
neque and isn’t or doesn’t
eum him
audit hears, is hearing, does hear
quae , who …, (f)
quī ,who…, (m)
quam ,whom…., (f)
quem , whom…., (m)
Quam? whom? (f)
Quem? whom? (m)
Nōminātīvus nominative – noun case where noun is used as the subject or after est/sunt (a to be verb)
Accūsātīvus accusative – noun case where noun is used as a direct object
verbum verb or word
Created by: CCSLatinOne