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NZ Acts and rights

Common assault Section 9 summary offences act 1981 Section 196 Crimes Act 1961
Assaulting a constable Section 10 Summary offences act 1981
Murder Section 167, 168 Crimes Act 1961
Manslaughter Section 171 Crimes Act 1961
Attempted murder Section 173 Crimes Act 1961
Wounding Section 188 Crimes Act 1961
Injury with intent Section 189 Crimes Act 1961
Strangulation or suffocation Section 189a Crimes Act 1961
Assault with weapon Section 202c Crimes Act 1961
Aggravated assault Section 192 Crimes Act 1961
Assault with intent to injure Section 193 Crimes Act 1961
Assaulting a person in a family relationship Section 194A Crimes Act 1961
Male assaults female Section 194b Crimes Act 1961
Assaulting a child Section 194a Crimes Act 1961
Free to question, free to not answer Police questioning notes 1
Charged, rights before questions PN police questioning 2
Cross examination Note 3 PN police questioning
Explain the claim Note 4 PN police questioning
Charged, statement recorded Note 5 PN police questioning
Wilful damage Section 11 summary offences act 1981
rub down search of arrested or detained person Section 85 search and surveillance act 2012
Warrantless search for evidential material Section 88 search and surveillance act 2012
Burglary S 231 crimes Enters. Any building or ship. Without authority. With intent to commit an inprisonable offence.
Theft 219, 223 Dishonestly. Without claim of right, Takes. Any property. With intent to deprive any owner permanently of any property. 223. After obtaining possession or control of that property in whatever manner.
Definition of assault The act of intentionally applying force, or attempting to apply force to another person, either directly or indirectly, OR threatens through any act or gesture, where it's believable
Created by: Jonnymenzies