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Human Computer

What is the knowledge, processes, and product that solve problems and make work easier? Technology
What is a small piece of computer that contains microscopic, or tiny, circuits? Microchip
When were computer first developed in the U.S.A.? 1930s
Who were the only people that were allowed to use computer technology during 1930s to 1980s? Scientists and Military
What was the year that people were allow to have computer technology in the "World Web"? 1990s
What invention can have a body structure similar to a human,but uses electricity as a power source? Robots
What is an artificial are, hand, leg or foot that replaces a missing one? Prosthetic Limb
What are robots are that are created a billionth of a meter long that is the new wave of the future for medicine and construction technology? Nanobots
What is a set of steps for developing products and processes that solve problems? The Design Process
What steps are taken to develop and establish the foundation to a design process problem in anything that is created? The Scientific Method
What is the first step in the Scientific Method? Identify the problem
What is the second step in the Scientific Method? Form a Hypothesis
What is the third step in the Scientific Method? Start an Investigation
What is the fourth step in the Scientific Method? Collect Research and Data
What is the fifth step in the Scientific Method? Develop a Conclusion
What is the sixth step in the Scientific Method? Share Methods
What is the first product that is created that is tested over and over again to see if it is worth seeing or marketing it to the public? Prototype
What is one similarity between a modern computer and an older computer? Both have input and output information
Before developing a possible solution to a possible, an engineer usually does what to a product? Makes sure the prototype has been tested properly
What type of medication technology was developed in 1796 by Edward Jenner? The Vaccine
What did William Rontogen did what to his wife's hand that was the first to be established in the late 1800s? X-ray
What are X-rays good for in the medical profession? To see if bones through the skin are cracked or broken
What are MRI images good for in the medical profession? They can see the inside of bones and also the brain to see any damage areas
Computer gathering has help develop what for researchers, scientist, and inventors? To gather information for a product, method, or invention
Human beings are said to have emotions and robots don't have emotions, what can they only do? The follow the programs or orders from their owners
If a prototype has problems to begin with, what is done to make the prototype work properly? They change it, modify, or make it bigger or smaller if needed
If a prototype does not work regardless of changes or modifications that are done with it, what is the final phase that researchers or inventors do with the prototype? They get rid of it or start completely with a new prototype, but learn from the only one
What are some of the bad things that "Nanobots" can be used for the wrong reasons? They can be used for terrorist attacks on people or cause viruses to develop in people as a weapon
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