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Applied Science 4.1

Module Four Vocabulary

ammonia toxic, colorless gas
antifreeze liquid used to make the engine of a car not freeze
bleach chlorine based substance used to clean and make things white
carcinogenic causes cancer
chemical substances that are made or manufactured
cosmetics products applied to the face, skin, or hair to improve how one looks
flammable able to catch on fire easily
fuels material burned to produce heat energy
fumes smoke or gas that smells strongly or is dangerous to breathe in
ingest to eat or drink
inhale to breathe in
insecticides a pesticide that kills insects
ipecac medicine given to someone to make them throw up after eating a poison
irritation redness, swelling, inflammation, warmth and pain to certain parts of the body
medicines drugs used to treat or prevent diseases or other conditions
pesticides chemicals used to kill bugs, weeds, and rats
poison any substance that causes injury or illness or death to a living organism
PPE personal protective equipment such as gloves, mask, safety glasses and clinical attire
sealants any of a number of substances used for stopping leaks and waterproofing wood
toxic poisonous
varnish paint that provides a hard glossy transparent coating
ventilation the act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of bad air
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