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DIS Learning Set 3

Whirligig Challenge

template a pattern
Project Board a space for the class to keep track of progress while working on a project
Messing About an exploratory activity that gives you a chance to become familiar with the materials you will be using or the function of what you will be designing
structure the way the parts of an item are put together. ( this is a different definition of structure than you saw while making your book support.)
mechanism the way the parts of an item connect and move
phenomenon something that happens. (The plural of phenomenon is phenomena)
variable a quantity whose value may change over the course of an experiment.
interpret to find the meaning of something
trend a pattern or tendency
claim a statement of what you understand or a conclusion that you have reached from an investigation or set of investigations
Investigation Expo a presentation of the procedure, results, and interpretation of results of an investigation
fair test things that are being compared are being tested under the same conditions, and the test matches the question being asked
independent variable ( manipulated) In an experiment, the variable that the scientist intentionally changes
dependent variables (responding) In an experiment, the variables whose values are measured. Scientists measure how these variables respond to changes they make in a manipulated variable.
control variable In an experiment, the variables that are kept constant. (not changed)
air resistance the opposing push that resists the movement of an object through air
force a push or pull on an object
evidence data collected during investigations and trends in that data.
science knowledge knowledge about how things work gathered from reading or research, or discussion that helps you understand why the claim is true
valid has a solid justification
recommendation a claim that suggest what to do in certain situations
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