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All the words in Quintus Et Nox Horrifica

a/ab from, away from,
affectus affected
aliquid something
aperit opens
armario, armarium armoire
atrio atrium
attat ah ha!
audit hears, listens
cacant (more than one) poop
caute cautiously
clare clearly
claudit closes, shuts
coram in the presence of
cubiculo bedroom
culina kitchen
curiosa curious
domus house
domi at home
dormio, dormire to sleep
eram I was
et and
evidentia evidence
fere almost
figura a figure
fui I was (briefly)
habeo I have
horrifici horrific
horrorem what a horror!
iam now, already
ianua door
immobilis immobile
inspicit, inspicere to inspect
investigo, investigare to investigate
iterum again
lecti couches
macte well done!
mensa table
metallica metallic (more than one)
monstra monsters
mortale mortal
murmur murmur
naturales natural
nauseam nausea
nocte at night
non not
nox night
obscura obscured
oculis eyes
parentes parents
peristylo peristyle
perpetua perpetual
perterriti terrified (more than one)
perturbatus perturbed
phantasmate ghost
putabam I thought
reale real
rident they laugh
Romae in Rome
Romani Romans
sed but
sentiens sensing
silentium silence
sintne? could they?
soni sounds
stomachus stomach
subito suddenly
sunt they are
surgit gets up, rises
tablino the office/ study room
tranquillo tranquil
triclinio the dining room
turbulentus turbulent, upset
ubique everywhere
varia various
videre to see
violenta violent (more than one)
violentiae violence
voluit wanted
vult wants
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