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Chapter 7

PBSC Biotechnology BSC1005 259323 CONCEPTS IN BIOLOGY

The incidence of TaySachs diseaes in the human population has been reduced by ____ through genetic testing of parents. 75%
True or false? In DNA fingerprinting, no two people will have matching patterns on a gel, unless they are identical twins. True
Name all 3 proteins that could be manufactured by genetically engineered bacteria. Insulin, Human growth hormone, Erythropoietin (EPO)
_____ are single stranded pieces of DNA which will base pair with a gene of interest Probes
The is the term used for the use of genetic material to add, delete or transplant genes from one organism to another. Genetic Engineering
What does VNTR stand for in DNA fingerprinting? Variable Number of Tandem Repeats
What is this DNA sequence called? TTCCGGAA AAGGCCTT A palindrome
In order to recombine DNA with another source, carriers of foreign DNA are used, such as PLASMIDS. They are known as _____. Vectors
Name the 3 types of cancer for which we currently can test to find the disease causing gene. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer
What is the term used for treatments which give the "good" functional gene to the patient to replace the defective gene? Gene Therapy
What enzyme is used during amplification of DNA which results in large amounts of DNA produced? DNA Polymerase
What are the remaining 4 bases in this palindror SAME strand?) CCGA_ _ _ _ TCGG
Name all 3 heritable genetic diseases in your notes for which there are pre-natal tests. Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell anemia, Cystic Fibrosis
_____ animals are those that have human genes and produce human gene products. Transgenic
______ are exact genetic copies. (Whether an individual animal or a single gene.) Clones
DNA sequences which read the same in the opposite strand in the opposite direction, and which are cut by restriction endonucleases are known as ______. Palindromes
PCR stands for _____ and is a way to increase the amount of DNA from a small sample. Polymerase Chain Reaction
The single stranded pieces of DNA which result when it is cut by a restriction endonuclease are known as _____. Sticky Ends
What is the name of the enzyme used to chop up DNA for use in gene transfer? Restriction endonucleases
What is the DNA sequence that this probe will bind to? TCAGCCT AGTCGGA