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"1. A type of data presentation most likely to be used with a high speed automatic scanning system is: A. an A-scan. B. a B-Scan. C. a C-scan. D. A plot of echo height versus depth." C. a C-scan.
"2. An amplitude type gate is necessary for all: A. shear wave examinations. B. longitudinal wave examinations. C. automatic examinations. D. manual examinations. " "C. automatic examinations."
"3. A C-scan recording to produce a UT Test permanent record, the information displayed is typically the: A. (cross-section view) B. discontinuity depth, orientation, and size. C. discontinuity location and depth. D. (plan view)." D. (plan view).
"4. Rough entry surface conditions can result in: A. a loss of echo amplitude from discontinuities. B. an increase in the width of the front surface echo. C. an increase in echo amplitude. D. Both A and B. E. Both B and C." D. Both A and B.
"5. As the grain size increases in a material, its principal effect in ultrasonic testing is on: A. the velocity of sound. B. the attenuation. C. the acoustic impedance. D. the angle of refraction." "B. the attenuation."
"6. In straight beam testing: what effect on detected signal will a rough perpendicular discontinuity have compared to smooth flat-bottom hole of the same size? A. Increase it. B. Decrease it. C. no effect. D. Decrease the pulse width." B. Decrease it.
"7. Ultrasonic vibrations can be propagated only in the longitudinal mode in which of the following media? A. Machine oil B. Aluminum C. Ice D. Beryllium" "A. Machine oil"
8. If a material L wave velocity is .625 cm/U sec. at 1/2 inch surface depth, what is velocity at 2 inches surface depth surface? A. 1/4 velocity at 1/2". B. 1/2 the velocity at 1/2". C. Same as the velocity at 1/2". D. None of the above. C. The same as the velocity at 1/2 inch.
"9. A 2.25 MHz ducer is replaced with a 5.0 MHz ducer, how would wave length change in the test specimen? A. Longer wavelength. B. no change to wavelength C. Shorter wavelength. D. Wavelength would vary with the acoustic impedance." C. The wavelength would be shorter.
"10. What can cause irrelevant indications on the cathode ray tube? A. Contoured surfaces B. Edge effects C. Surface conditions D. All of the above" D. All of the above
11. A common method for the estimation of defect size is the use of a: A. Double transducer test B. Piezoelectric standard C. Mode conversion D. Reference standard " D. Reference standard"
"12. Another name for Fresnel Zone is: A. Fraunhofer Zone B. Near Field C. Far Field D. Torrid Zone " "B. Near Field"
"13. Attenuation is a: A. Test display characteristic. B. Test material parameter. C. Transducer characteristic. D. Form of testing." " B. Test material parameter."
14. For discontinuity geometries other than flat, the echo amplitude is usually ____________ from that observed for a flat defect of similar orientation perpendicular to the sound beams. A. Identical B. Increased C. Decreased D. Elongated "C. Decreased"
15. How to evaluate discontinuities oriented at an angle to the entry surface so sound beam will strike discontinuity at right angles? A. Change the frequency B. Grind the surface C. Angulate the search unit D. Increase the gain "C. Angulate the search unit"
" 16. A Flaw Detector pulser circuit is used to: A. Control the horizontal and vertical sweep. B. Activate the transducer. C. Control transducer timing between transmit and sweep. D. Generate markers that appear on horizontal sweep." " B. Activate the transducer."
17. An A-scan CRT display which shows a signal both above and below the sweep line is called a: A. Video display B. RF display C. Audio display D. Frequency modulated display "B. RF display"
18. A B-scan display shows the relative: A. Metal path to Disc and through-dimension thickness. B. Metal path to Disc and length in 'ducer travel direction. C. Cross-sectional area of a Disc above a gate amplitude. D. None of the above. " " B. Distance a discontinuity is from the transducer and its length in the direction of transducer travel."
19. Surface (Rayleigh) waves traveling on top block face: A. Don't reflect from a sharp edge corner. B. Do reflect from a sharp edge corner. C. Travel through sharp edge corner and reflect from lower edge. D. Are absorbed by a sharp corner. " B. Are reflected from a sharp edge corner."
"20. Surface (Rayleigh) waves traveling on the top face of a block are attenuated by the presence of: A. A curved surface B. A heavy couplant C. Machining marks and rough surfaces. D. Both B and C" "D. Both B and C"
"21. The velocity of sound in a material is dependent upon the: A. Frequency of the wave B. Wavelength C. Material properties D. Vibration cycle" "C. Material properties"
"22. To vary or change the wavelength of sound being used to test a part, you would change the: A. Sound wave frequency. B. Diameter of the transducer. C. Electrical pulse voltage. D. Pulse repetition rate." "A. Sound wave frequency."
"23. Ultrasonic vibrations are commonly used to: A. Examine materials for discontinuities. B. Examine materials for thickness. C. Examine materials for mechanical properties. D. All of the above." "D. All of the above."
"24. Which of the following has the longest Fresnel zone? A. 1/2-inch diameter 1.0 MHz. B. 1/2-inch diameter 2.25 MHz. C. 1-1/8-inch diameter 1.0 MHz. D. 1-1/2-inch diameter 2.0 MHz. " "D. 1-1/2-inch diameter 2.0 MHz."
"25. When the flaw detector is set with high pulse repetition rate, what may happen? A. The screen trace will be very light. B. The time-base line is distorted. C. The initial pulse will disappears. D. Ghost indications will appear." " D. Ghost or ""phantom"" indications will appear on screen during scanning."
26. The advantages of immersion testing include which of the following? A. Inspection speed increased. B. Ability to control and direct sound beams. C. Adaptability for automated scanning. D. All of the above. "D. All of the above."
"27. Minimum water path should be:___ As in water, L wave velocity is about one-fourth velocity in aluminum or steel. A. 4X part thickness. B. 1/2 part thickness. C. 1/4 part thickness plus 1/4 inch. D. None of these. " "C. One-fourth the test piece thickness plus 1/4 inch."
" 28. In immersion testing a wetting agent is added to the water to: A. Adjust the viscosity. B. Help eliminate the formation of air bubbles. C. Prevent cloudiness. D. None of the above." "B. Help eliminate the formation of air bubbles."
"29. The indication on the cathode ray tube(CRT) which represents the far boundary of the material being tested is called: A. Grass B. The initial pause C. The ""main bang"" D. The back surface reflection " " D. The back surface reflection"
" 30. The 'ducer cable is designed so that one conductor is centered inside another. The technical name for such a cable is: A. BX cable B. Conduit C. Coaxial cable D. Ultrasonic conductor cable-grade 20" " C. Coaxial cable"
"31. The process of comparing an instrument or device with a standard is called: A. Angulation B. Calibration C. Attenuation D. Correlation" " B. Calibration"
" 32. When the incident angle is chosen to be between the first and second critical angles, the ultrasonic wave mode within the part will be a: A. Longitudinal wave B. Shear wave C. Surface wave D. Lamb wave" "B. Shear wave"
"33. The formula used to calculate the angle of refraction within a material is called: A. Fresnel's law B. Fraunhofer's law C. Snell's law D. Lamb's law " "C. Snell's law"
"34. In a material with a given velocity, when frequency is increased, the wavelength will: A. Not be effected B. Increase C. Decrease D. Double" " C. Decrease"
"35. Which of the following search units would contain the thinnest quartz crystal? A. A 1-MHz search unit B. A 5-MHz search unit C. A 15-MHz search unit D. A 25-MHz search unit " "D. A 25-MHz search unit "
"36. A 25-megahertz search unit would most likely be used during: A. Straight beam contact testing. B. Immersion testing. C. Angle beam contact testing. D. Surface wave contact testing." " B. Immersion testing."
"37. The amount of beam divergence from a crystal is primarily dependent on the: A. Type of test B. Tightness of crystal backing in the search unit C. Frequency and crystal size D. Pulse length" "C. Frequency and crystal size"
"38. The velocity of surface waves is approximately ________ the velocity of shear waves in the same material. A. Two times B. Four times C. One-half D. Nine-tenths " "D. Nine-tenths"
" 39. Under most circumstances, which of the following frequencies would result in the best resolving power? A. 1 megahertz B. 5 megahertz C. 10 megahertz D. 25 megahertz" " D. 25 megahertz"
"40. A test method employing two separate search units on opposite surfaces of the material being tested is called: A. Contact testing B. Surface wave testing C. Through-transmission testing D. Lamb wave testing" " C. Through-transmission testing"
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