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84, Jenney ch.2 (II)


Acer sharp
adulescens young man
alius another
alter one of two
altus high
audax daring
bonus good
brevis short
celer swift
clarus clear
decimus tenth
difficilis hard
diligens diligent
dissimilis unlike
facilis easy
ferus wild
fidelis faithful
finitimus neighboring
fortis strong
gratus pleasing
gravis heavy
idoneus suitable
latus wide
levis light
liber book
longus long
malus bad
meus my
multus many
neuter neither
niger black
nobilis noble
nonus ninth
noster our
novus new
nullus none
octavus eighth
omnis all
par equal
paratus prepare
parvus small
posterus following
potens powerful
primus first
pulcher beautiful
quantus how much
quartus fourth
quintus fifth
secundus second
septimus seven
sextus sixth
similis similar
solus alone
summus highest
suus his,her,it
tantus so great
Created by: rtoleno



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