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SS Studies

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Tierra del Fuego "Land of Fires," islands form the southern tip of south America, given this name by early explores who saw fires on the shore from passing ships.
Strait of Magellan A narrow water passage at the bottom of South America, a shortcut Between the Atlantic and Pacific which avoids the rough waters of Drake Passage off of Cape Horn
Rio de la Plata "Silver River", not actually a river, but a spot where several rivers meet in a bay. Boats traveled down these rivers loaded with silver from the Andes.
The Andes Mountain range which runs north and south on south America's west coast, mountains are volcanic and higher than the Rocky Mountains.
Lake Titicaca Worlds largest lake, located in the Andes Mountains on the border between Peru and Bolivia
Amazon River Second largest river in the world. (Nile is first) first in output of water.
Darien Gap Where North and South America meet, a large and swampy jungle.
Rio Grande "Big River", forms the border between Texas and Mexico.
Panama Canal Opened in 1914, built by the US, 51 miles long, saves 7,000 miles around South America. Cuts through Panama.
Baja California Peninsula of land south of California.
Yucatan Peninsula Peninsula in central Mexico, home to the Mayans.
Atacama Desert Located in South America, driest place on Earth.
Patagonia Desert in Argentina, largest desert in the Americas.
Pampas Flat grassland region tho the south, similar to the great plains.
Cape Horn The southernmost Point of South America.
Guatanamo Bay Located in Cuba and the home of a large US naval base.
Caribbean Sea Located in between Central and South America and the West Indies
Sierra Madre Oriental Located on the eastern side of Mexico.
Sierra Madre Occidental A mountain range located on the western side of Mexico.
Valley of Mexico Located between the Sierra Madre Oriental and Occidental. Where Lake Texcoco, Tenchititlan, and Mexico City are located. Causes the smog problem in Mexico City.
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