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Carroll-Mr. C-Ch.18

Carroll County-Mr. C-Chapter 18

group whose basic political views differ from those of the majority of the population ideological party
awarding political favors in exchange for political support patronage
another term for patronage spoils system
body of people entitled to vote electorate
voting districts into which cities, towns, and counties are divided precincts
election in which voters choose their elected officials general election
organized group of individuals who dominate a political party within a geographic area party machine
shifting of the political parties' base of support among the electorate realignment
often used to help organize administration of local services ward
vote only for candidates from a single party straight ticket
formed when people believed that their party has not addressed their concerns splinter group
encourage people to register to vote and to go to the polls on election day party workers
political candidate who is not associated with any party independent candidate
type of party system in which several parties try to gain control of the government multiparty
vote for candidates of different parties for different offices split ticket
Created by: rdchiar