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Carroll-Mr. C-Ch. 17

Carroll COunty-Mr. C-Chapter 17

organizations of people with similar concerns, such as women, veterans, and people with the same ethnic background social groups
attempting to convince government policy policy makers to make certain decisions about legislation lobbying
organizations that support candidates by giving funds to their campaigns political action committees(PACS)
organizations of business firms within an industry trade associations
established a government that is open to input from a variety of sources constitution
voting for or against a candidate only because of his/her view on a particular topic single-issue voting
organizations of people who support a similar ideal, such as advances in education or cultural goals cause-based groups
filed by one or more plaintiffs on behalf of themselves and everyone similarly harmed class-action suit
public declaration of support for a particular candidate endorsement
favor holders of office by making it more difficult for challengers to win spending limits
groups of workers acting together to achieve better wages and working conditions labor unions
organized effort to urge local citizens to try to influence policy makers' decisions about certain issues grassroots lobbying
usually more concerned with representing their constituents than with interest groups' goals congressmembers
citizens' organizations that think the policies they pursue would benefit the general public rather than just a narrow minority public interest groups
large companies that conduct farm-related business agribusiness
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