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Chapter 17& 18

Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein BSC1010

A promoter level control mechanism whereby the promoter/polymerase bond is very strong results in: increased or decreased transcription? Increased transcription
The sugar found in a nucleotide of RNA is: Ribose
A promoter level control mechanism whereby te promoter/polymerase bond is weak results in: increased or decreased transcription? Decreased transcription
What are the anti-codons that would base pair with these codons? GCA - AUA CGU - UAU
The type of RNA capable of carrying an amino acid and has an anti-codon. tRNA
The region on the DNA to which RNA polymerase binds. Promoter
What type of mutations occur when a single base is changed? Point Mutations
Codons on the mRNA which signal the end of translation are known as: Stop Codons
In RNA, the base Adenine pairs with: Uracil
The region of the Lac Operon that binds the repressor protein. Operator
What molecule binds to the repressor protein in the Lac Operon and induces the transcription of the genes? Lactose
Another name for the regulatory protein of the Lac Operon. Repressor
The name of the enzyme which assembles new nucleotides to growing RNA strands during transcription. RNA Polymerase
This molecule binds to the operator to block transcription of the genes. Regulatory Protein
What are the subunits (building blocks) of nucleic acids? Nucleotides
The site of protein synthesis is the: Ribosome
This consists of a promoter, an operator and the genes controlled by the mechanism. Operon
In general, what are the 3 parts of a nucleotide? Phosphate, Sugar, Base
The type of RNA which becomes the ribosome? rRNA
The process which makes RNA from the DNA template. Transcription
The type of RNA which carries the message (has codons)? mRNA
What type of mutation codes for a wrong amino acid? Missense Mutations
In DNA & RNA, the base Cytosine pairs with: Guanine
Base triplets found on mRNA are known as: Codons
Base triplets found on tRNA are known as: Anti-codons
The process that produces protein from the message contained on the mRNA. Translation
What type of mutation codes for a stop codon? Nonsense Mutation
What is another name for a point mutation? Base Substitution
The Lac operon begins as: (on or off) and then is induced by lactose. Off
Thymine is substituted by _____ in RNA. Uracil
What disease is caused by a single base change which results in an error in hemoglobin's structure? Sickle Cell Anemia
What would the RNA bases be that would pair with: T C A G ? A G U C