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Wolohon Tissue,Memb

Wolohon Test 1 Mod 4 -tissue,membranes, wound healing

This tissue consists of cells bound together by connective material and numbers of layers EPITHELIAL tissue
A collection of cells that share similar structure and perform a specific function TISSUE
Impulse-carring fibers NERVE tissue
Body glands consist of... EPITHELIAL tissue
Allows movement of movable structures of the body MUSCLE tissue
None of these are found in the epithelium CAPILLARIES
This tissue lines the blood vessels and the alveoli.... SQUAMOUS
Blood tissue forms certain types of white blood cells -True or -False? FALSE
This tissue consists of one or more bundles of impulse carrying fibers that connect Brain and Spinal Cord NERVE tissue
The epithelium rests on a layer of tissue with a basement _____________between them. MEMBRANE
Epithelial cells are replaced constantly through ______________! The outer cell is lost thru wear, tear and exposure to the environment. MITOSIS
This tissue lines the stomach, Secretes gastric juices and enzymes : COLUMNAR
BONE tissue produces lymph which is circulated by the lymphatic system -TRUE or -FALSE FALSE
This tissue is located under the skin provides padding, insulation and fat storage: ADIPOSE tissue
This type of tissue is located in the lymph nodes, spleen, tonsil and thymus AND forms certain types of white blood cells LYMPHATIC
This type of tissue is located in the Nose, Ears, Trachea and Eustachian tubes AND Bone joints. CARTILAGE
This tissue is located in the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow, it filters harmful substances from the blood and lymph RETICULAR
This tissue covers internal organs, lines vessels, body cavities, glands, and organs Epithelial
What tissue provides a protective barrie against extreme temperatures? Epithelial
Which tissue binds to other tissue structures to support the body? Connective
Tissue in the body's glands... Epithelial
Cells in the epitheliium are packed so close together, there is little room for... Intracellular substance
Flat epithelial cells Squamous
Square shaped epithelial cells Cuboidal
Rectangular shped epithelial cells Columnar
One layer of epithelial cells Simple Epithelial Tissue
Multiple layers of epithelials cells Stratified Epithelial Tissue
Type of epithelial tissue that lines blood vessels and alveoli Squamous
Type of connective tissue that filters harmful substances from the blood and lymph Reticular
Type of connective tissue that helps maintain our blood pressure Elastic
Type of connective tissue that forms scars Fibrous
Type of connective tissue that is firm but not rigid Cartilage
Created by: twolohon