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Power of Flowers


pollen the powdery stuff that has to be moved from one flower to another in order for a plant's seed pods to form. It is often yellow in color.
inherit Babies _______________________ most of the traits of their parents.
stigma The ___________________ is the sticky, center part of a flower where pollen must land in order for a plant's seed pod to develop.
ovary At the base of the flower is a little container that hold's a plant's eggs. Scientists call this the ___________________.
nectar the sugary liquid that a plant makes in order to attract animals (like bees) to land on its flowers
selection the process used by plant growers to make bigger, better varieties of plans for us to enjoy
vegetable any plant part we eat which does not contain seeds or does not taste sweet
variety When we use selection to change a wild plant, we call the new plant a ____________________.
traits Color, size, shape, and taste are all examples of _____________________ we can select and change in a plant.
pollen dusters When a bee crawls into a flower, it brushes against the flower's _________________________________.
fruit If a plant part we eat tastes sweet, or if it has seeds, then we call it a ________________________.
pollinator any animal that helps pollen get from one flower to another
Created by: Mrs. Waara